Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

IF we wanted a perfect illustration of the blueprint of our world's original design, then we need look no further than our own human bodies. Visualize if you will, the inward workings of your own human body.
The pools of life giving blood filling every part in our bodies are just like the vast oceans of water covering the earth. The network of arteries, and vessels flowing like rivers delivering the living water back to the sea.
There are seven major organs that are like the seven continents that make up the earths surface, and the billions of cells make up the human family our Cellular Foundation: Each cell in our body has living intelligence. It is capable of knowing itself, initiating action, and communicating with all other cells. The individual cell and the community of cells (tissue, organ, and body) exist as separate entities and as one whole at the same moment (Just like mankind). Cellular embodiment is a state in which all cells have equal opportunity for expression, receptivity, and cooperation...

Attuning ourselves to our cellular consciousness brings us to a state in which we can find the ground from which flows the intricate manifestations of our physical, psychological and spiritual being.

When we embody or perceive from any cell as a unique individual, the feeling or mind-quality is the same for all cells. There is a one-mindedness. However, when we perceive from any cell within the context of its community of cells or specific tissue, the feeling or state of mind is unique to each tissue. Underlying this oneness or uniqueness are general feelings on continuums between cellular anxiety and at-easement, rest and activity, inner and outer focus, and receptivity and expressiveness.

The heart and the mind represent our heart mind connection with Source (government) The mind makes up the executive branch of the whole body{source} but the heart is the seat of motivation (love).This team will in many way autonomously work and watch out for the best interest of the body. The heart beats to a universal language similar to how ancient civilizations used drum beats to communicate with other tribes. When in fear the heart will race in a distinctive and potentially damaging way (we have learned to sense that fear in others). The calm heart is filled with love and this quality created a steady peaceful beat from the heart Chakra that magnetically attracts people to it. Both the human body and the earth have seven central ports called chakras the energies travel upon. The human body and the earth have an aura seven layered multicolored field visible around the earth in certain locations after rain and also surrounding the outer field of our human bodies.

The mind is the original internet. And mankind makes up one global brain. To illustrate do this test either record or have someone dictate a conversation that you are having with a group of friends. Notice how the continuity of the conversation flows from one mind to another just like the different search engines on the computer. Like the cells of the body mankind makes up this huge network synergistically carrying out daily task. This is the blue print of the plan of ages. People working together in co-operation, not competition.
When two or more people gather for any given task they increase their out put by up to 600% (synergy). In a competitive system (capitalistic society) each one working harder and longer because universal synergy is not activated in the complete body of mankind, which would result in the earth and its inhabitants working less but accomplishing more. Like the seven organs in our body the earth being one planet works better harmoniously than divided. The seven world powers that have represented different experiments in world government, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Great Britain, and the Anglo American duo world power, are testimonies to mans stumbling in the dark trying to figure things out. The Plan of the age is the original plan before man thought he would be more successful apart from source. What the seven failed system had in common was that they all depended on a systems of slavery or killing and pillaging to support its economy. While Slavery and Killing are now banned in many parts of the world, there is a system of self slavery and class distinction where in essence people work themselves to death, competing with each other. In an open market system the workers rarely live long enough to collect from the system they paid into their whole life (Average mortality rate in the U.S. is 68 years).
The Plan of age is run on love not money. Look around at every life-giving tree, plant, fruit bearing bush what was the motivation behind their free gift? The answer must certainly is unconditional love because there is nothing we can give to source (God).
"With what can we repay him” or Her. As spirit creatures created in the image of Source
All with the same divine spark as all of life ,work best when our motivation is love. "Money love" last as long as the money is there, imagine if your employer said" I really appreciate you coming to work but we cant afford to pay you any more” How long would you continue to work there?. But when love is attached to a given task, Implemented by synergy then mankind is working harmoniously like the human body. At the foundation of the unified field the web that connects all life what science has discovered is that like the plan of the ages its center also was love.

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What an amazing analogy and so true...thank you Eric!

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