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I am looking to do a Vision Quest. Any advice would be welcome. I know that there are many different kinds of Vision Quests and I want to make sure I am prepared to make the journey that is right for me. Also if anyone has done a Vision Quest before could you share your experiance with me? That would be great!

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Dear Clint

I think that is a great idea. Do you have any interest in wilderness areas?

I have contacts from a couple of years ago - John Hendee and his wife, Marilyn Riley. They now live in Sausalito, CA. I am sure Marilyn still does vision quests. Please contact John at and mention my name. Let me know on my page whether you come right. If not, I can follow up, get the website address, etc.

warm regards
Pierre van den Berg (South Africa)
While not a traditional vision quest nor the intention, my son's Outward Bound course at 14 is something we look back on as a sort of a transition into adulthood. While he was on the OB course, our cat had her first litter of kittens. Upon his return, the boy had become a man and the cat became a mother.

Back home, he was bone-tired, so slept and ate alot... and read Carlos Casteneda's Teachings of Don Juan... which he had not had an interest in before. He had spent three nights alone on a 12,000 ft. mountain, had slept in snow, cooked his food over an open fire and spent two weeks hiking, climbing, rappeling and canoeing.

He had a renewed interest in life and improved self-confidence. He said that he and some boys would sneak away from camp at night, even though they were exhausted, and upon finding a magical panoramic point - drink it all in.

The added concept of teamwork, not usually part of a vision quest, but an important theme on an Outward Bound trail, holds many advantages and learning experiences. When my son injured his shoulder, the contents of his pack was distributed amongst the team for one day. ...and likewise, when other team members were injured.
The most challenging and greatest similarity between Outward Bound and a vision quest was the three day solo... alone on a mountain in the Rockies. Sounds kind of like a vision quest... out in nature, pushing your endurance and expanding your consciousness.

The boy who left, never came back. He stayed in those mountains ...and the man remembers his strength.
Hi Clint,

Nice to meet you, you seem like a thoughtful young man.

My advise to you is to look inside. Your Vision Quest will reveal itself to you.

Stay open, listen, seek, but do not follow.

Allow your all knowing inner self to guide you.

All of it is already there, we only need to allow it to unfold.


Hi Clint
I have participated in three fasts (called vision quests by some) --I was fortunate in knowing someone who could help me when I decided that this was an experience I wanted to have. Once I made the decision to do this, the means was given to me. Good luck with your questing. Someone suggested that you look within to find a means and I agree with this. I also agree that when you are ready, the teacher will appear.

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