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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Do you want to heal terminally ill, rescue animals from a painful enslaved life, live in a society that cares and restore the earth’s environment? You can.

Hi friend,

Do it because:

*  It will protect your mental health. Because all people do care and this moral schizophrenia hurts you more than can possibly imagine. These highly intelligent and feeling creatures scream and shout all their lives, their lives are hellish. Their children get stolen. They are slaves. Do you honestly want to cause that sort of misery?

No. You will feel great making this petition and really making a huge difference in the world. Together we really can. It has been done many times in the past. A public outcry has a huge impact.

*  It will protect you physical health. It is proven nowadays there are greater health benefits of a vegan diet if executed right. The American Medical Association is now telling hospitals to go vegan and ban meat and dairy. The Institute of Research on Cancer is asking the population to cut down meat and avoid processed meat. And according to the Dietitians of Canada, “a healthy vegan diet has many benefits, including lower rates of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure / cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.” And Canada’s Draft Food Guide Favors Plant-Based Protein And Eliminates Dairy As A Food Group.

*   This will save the earth. All these animals that are bred for exploitation produce methane that is 25 times worse for the earth’s environment than CO2 is and is responsible for the largest part of the pollution of the earth’s atmosphere. Following a vegan diet is the best action to reduce one's ecological footprint (United Nations, Greenpeace, Forbes, Oxford Martin Schools research)

*  It will free our friends and give us a society that cares. Or tries to at least by law. We do want to live in a world where slavery is illegal right. I do not believe in harsh punishments either. We want a caring society. So let’s teach everybody to care somehow. Or they can clean up plastic waste and do other earth improving activities.

*  Do it to stay free.

* It’s not necessary any longer there are plenty of other good things to eat now.


I found a neurologist willing to conduct the

first ever

serious clinical trial following the Rick Simpson

protocol, lacking money.

Have you heard about people healing themselves from terminal diseases

with rso, all over the world?


Cannabis capable of eradicating terminal illnesses.

And help our furry friends.

I searched high and low and informed many and have found a neurologist who is interested in conducting an official clinical trials on this.

He lacks funding but this should be covered by the system and tested on all sorts of diseases.

On the internet I have been reading stories for several years now,of people, children and animals too, healing of terminal illnesses. After they were given up by the regular medical system they tried this R.S.O. protocol they (or their caregivers) had heard about. And they recovered completely.

For curing terminal diseases a lot of R.S.O. ( Rick Simpson Oil/ high thc high cbd 100%indica strain cannabis oil) is required (60 grams in 90 days). This needs to be eaten with an additional  month of building up to being able to tolerate this amount. For maintenance and preventative care a lot is needed too and it is all way to expensive now. We will not allow for this plant that would naturally grow by the side of the road everywhere to be eradicated, demonized, criminalized, synthesized and so monopolized to control the masses. We will not slowly become more and more enslaved to governments, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies and the very rich who think they can control everything and enslave people to the expensive harmful synthetic medicines they have an interest in. Poor and sick people are easy to influence and control and they will fight for anyone who claims to be able to make it better and they will fight each other. Is this what is going on in the world today? We will not stand for this. We are with many. Together we are one, living on one earth, and everybody has to be respected. We can make a difference worldwide action is required. We will not be enslaved by their system any longer. Protest!!! Please read and start a petition yourself too :) In it, ask everybody to do the same. After you hand it in, you can start another one. Until it is done. Together we can do this. Thank you!!! We need to immediately start a worldwide action involving everybody who is available for this to free our weed. No laws of how many plants one can own either. People will still buy good quality it will not collapse the market either. Let the governments everywhere know we will not take it any longer and lets make them change the laws by our never ending continues peaceful petitions.

We need more clinical research regarding medical cannabis, however so much research has been done already, also to the preventative benefits. It is absurd it is still controlled monopolized demonized and illegal. Read how healthy it is in the patent of cannabis of (yeah you are reading this right): the U.S. of America. This plant already deserves full respect. Read the petition for more information.

  • Do it to heal give the terminally ill, a fighting chance.
  • Do it to save the earth's atmosphere because all these tall and fast growing plants
  • will be enough to improve the air quality.
  • Do it because this natural herb is a preventative for a lot of diseases.
  • Do it because it will help people to become more relaxed and fight less.
  • Do it because we do not want to be told how many plants we can grow.
  • Do it because their solutions to save our environment might be total control in disguise
  • And we are not taking the risk.

No need to put your address in there. Together we can do this.

This is the format: Make one too!!!

Copy as much as you like or make your own.

It’s free. Share this message. Together we can do this. Now.

Cannabis capable of eradicating terminal illnesses.  

And help our friends.

Together we can do this. Thank you. 

Love Dawn


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