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Hi there everybody...

I had an idea that I wanted some feedback on.

AOAND needs to generate some revenue for itself, to support this work.... and one way might be to produce an album featuring the best of the Music Showcase members, from the variety of artists that are here on the AOAND site.

Perhaps people could put forth one of their songs, that has an "Architects" theme and we could create a system for commenting and voting on what we all like best... a collaboration and project of our group. Then we market this CD both on-line and in retail stores. Thus, raising some money for AOAND and gaining exposure for the contributing artists and the network.

An "Architects of a New Dawn" music compilation, with artwork and graphic design from AOAND members...

What do you all think? Thanks in advance for your thoughts



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Hey Richard...

     I Realize you put this post out in 2009, but I was curious as to how the project went, and if you will be doing any more in the future, as I would be interested in contributing some of my Songs to such an endeavor and /or helping out with it in some way.... Cheers,


Hi Rick,

Here's a ballad i wrote in 1978. please feel free to use the audio.

jeff hutner/part of the plan



Hi Rick,


Is this post still working on? Had been gone for a long time here but I hope to have some latest update about your good idea.





the most difficult thing is not being in tune or enough fast or striking high notes,

the moste effective thing is to read people's mind and hearth and give them back a positive message - Always remaining on people's wavelenght...

x factor in music is creating something new using various skills and starting from recognizable patterns

someone is still in for this project?

in the mean time i have had problems to my breath and body sound emission apparatus this caused problems on my vocals....

my new project is creating new music. starting from instrumental tracks created from scratch or from a sound generator.... 

who's up for this?

Wait wait not now SOON

Wait wait not now SOON

Apparently someone resurrected a very old thread. I'd forgotten this community existed. In fact I thought Ning went belly up. Is anybody home?



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