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Wanted: Dreamers to co-create the Rainbow Dome @ Ecofest & Westfest, 2009

Dreamers to co-create the Rainbow Dome!

This is for Visionary alternative architects/geodome & spiral buffs/counter-cultural entrepreneurs/sacred geometry gurus/multi media deep-trance-dance aficionados who are into celebrating the Woodstock 40th anniversary in a Rainbow Dome!

The goal: to create a community celebration devoted to planetary healing, via the creation of a space (geodome & spiral) conducive to transformative individual and collective experience.

We have two venue opportunities:
1. Ecofest, Central Park, NYC, 4th October
2. Westfest, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, 25th Oct

We have an exciting exhibit from Australia that we propose to set up as a stand-alone spiral.

Rainbow Dreaming – Tales from the Age of Aquarius is a multi-media photo expo on the alternative culture of the rainbow region of Australia. This exhibit has been invited to participate in the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock celebrations in USA. (See

Rainbow Dreaming will feature at Ecofest, Central Park, NYC, October 4th. Ecofest, now in its 21st year, is the largest environmental fest on the east coast.
It’s also going to West Fest – Celebrating the Woodstock 40th, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, October 25th.

We are looking to set this exhibit as a free-standing spiral. The spiral could be housed in a geodome. This free-standing spiral exhibit could be on in the geodome in the day.

Before sunset, it's envisaged the exhibit could be packed away, and the space be converted to a ceremony/performance & trance-dance space, with visuals projected onto the dome. The music, performance, visuals & ambiance will be conducive to deep trance(formation) and celebration.

We see this project as a co-creation, involving local and international crew. It’s the “Just Do It” paradigm in action. The rule of. Keep it Simple Stupid will apply, along with random acts of Magic and Kindness.

There is no funding for the spiral or the geodome. Can we manifest this dream via the Magic Hat principle? Yes, we can! Networking is the key.

Are there any crew out there interested in co-creating this rainbow dream with its message of planetary healing?

O fellow dreamers, hear our voices and please reply asap.

Harsha Parbhu
Co-curator & Co-producer
Rainbow Dreaming

Spiral/Exhibit specs:
6.655m x 6.78m = 45.12 sq m
21’. 10” x 22’. 3” = 470.53 sq ft

Geodome specs
12.655m x 12.78m = 161.73 msq
41’. 6” x 41’. 11” = 1740.84 sq ft

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Hi, Yes, I'd love to participate. Although I don't know what you'd want me to do, I am honored to supply some images. I need to know more about technical methodology. Best, Great Day, EARA



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