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Our First feelings of Gratitude towards our Father In Heaven......

Next will be our Parents who has given birth to us and we could come on this planet Earth....

Always be Grateful To all our Elements which are responsible for our precious Body and Our Soul should have Gratitude for our Mind which is a good Companion and our Good Intellect by which we can do best deeds and help others.....

We should be Grateful to our Nature so that we can have better living.....

Be Grrteful for our body a Very good Companion of our Soul since Birth......

Dr. Sohiniben Shukla.


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Thank "You" my "Friend" & "Appreciate"~
It Is Time~We~Wake Up~Appreciate the opportunity 'gifted'to us
and express that gratitude in compassionate understanding & 'acts'!!!
Towards Our fellowman & nature...which is also our companion in & on this 'BeautyFull' Earth voyage We have been given passage on~
God~The Source~Gave it for a reason~
not to express the self in the filling of it's every desire~
But to express the "Fulfillment of The Soul"~
Allowing the higher self to express and fulfill it's journey~
In the realization that 'we'...the 'i'....
Is but one facet...of that timeless expression~
Let Go...Let God~
and let your Soul drive...the in-Car-nation :)


Dear ib,





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