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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

  • I know you wont believe this but we will pay you

Join or Start a free local Group for your town here...
We are fully certified by iSafeSite. (Their link

Join Group...
Start Group... >
you must be a stwf member

you must insure you monitor two friends until they add two of their own friends to the group. This is all free so it isn't a ponzi scam or illegal. There no request for payment, EVER. Only major sponcers like IBM donate . 

These growing groups have a goal of attracting advertisers and sponsorship to help establish a small info kiosk in a local park or other public place near your group.

Your monthly income will begin as your group grows and a SNF kiosk opens in your town. read below for full details.

A Save Nature Free Kiosk is a small real world, dual purpose,
income generating Info stand or kiosk. They will be established in
public places (pending your support.) They have a silent lobby
effect and are paid for and built by local groups, some small some
large, who get generously compensated.
a check each month for life!!! I call them lucky paid volunteers.
They form groups here at this site. The groups
grow due to the add two friends rule, but the monthly check for
life!!! is limited in each kiosk location to the first 25 members
only. It pays to check now!!

Where does the money come from,?
Kiosk revenue comes from advertizing space at the kiosk's, sold to
the highest bidders. This function, is in addition to the
environmental function, which is to inform kiosk visitors about the
astonishing value of the regions important natural asserts, indeed
any important issues confronting your community. They also have a
powerful silent lobby effect on local government policy.

Who pays for building a kiosk,?
Groups may gain sponsorship from local business and prominent local
identities to help get their kiosk built and operating. Members may
conduct fund raising events like BBQ's, pass the hat around or even
make an investment, if that becomes necessary. You don't have to
donate anything yourself, however you should start a group here for
your area if one is not already in the groups section. The group
creation process is easy as, name group, describe group, click
create group. Join or create a group
here, be early.

How much do I earn?
You could earn $5 per month or $50 per month. The amount will be
dependent on the amount of advertizing space your kiosk sells.
around 90% of the advertising revenue from your local
Save_Nature_Free kiosk is divided by 25. It is then sent to
the first 25 kiosk team members who qualify, every month for the rest of their lives. This is
why you must act early. You qualify after you add two friends from
your local district. You must insure that they understand how this
works. The growing group will meet once a week at first or untill
they have their kiosk up and running smoothly

How does it work?
First your local group grows, start a group for your town or neighborhood? Check Here
Just joining us will not help much, Please check on your two
friends. Insure they are also following up their 2 friends. This is
the way a group will grow and become a reality for the area. Once
your group has a kiosk open, the first 25 in your group, who add 2
friends, receive a check each month for the
rest of their lives.
The growing group (of 75 members) in
your area will hold a meeting to build and operate a simple info
kiosk in your neighborhood. Check in the groups page
because you could be one who gets a monthly check for
the rest of your life. Start a group for your location if you find
it's not here already.

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