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Food as medicine - a discussion to talk about some of your favorite healing foods and ways of eating

I like eating cilantro for the flavor. It also supports the lungs. It is good for colds and also aids in pulling heavy metals out.

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I eat lots of cilantro as well. I include in my green smoothies as well as many other dishes. Specifically, it helps to pull mercury out of the body.
Ginger is another one of my favorite foods because of its many healing properties.
I don't care for the flavor of cilantro so I use lots of flat leaf parsley. I turbo charge the flavor when I'm coking with freshly ground sage, rosemary and lemon thyme. Fresh baby spinach and snow peas hardly ever make it to the table, I just munch them off the tower where I grow them. Same with berries in the summer. Hurry Summer!
Eating carrots and beets or juicing them does seem to be a good and easy kind of assistance for liver detox.
fish helps manteining up our mood and let stay us well for its properties



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