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Healers are welcome in the collective healing arts camp at Mystic Garden Gathering. More info:

The Gathering of the Tribes is a high consciousness participatory festival of healing arts and music on Lake Selmac, Oregon, about 1/2 hr. from Grant's Pass and North of Ashland. The lake has 25 grassy, tree shaded acres, RV hookups, paddle boats, swimming, hot showers, mountain views and lots of place to frolic in nature and WIFI. Fire circles and participatory dance and drum circles, healthy vegetarian and raw food, and no alcohol served at this family-friendly gathering where kids are FREE. 

This new Gathering of the Tribes mission is to foster a healthier, more vibrant community, as well as a forum for advocating and promoting heart-centered, evolutionary culture.

Mystic Garden Gathering of the Tribes

June 20-25 -- Lake Selmac, Oregon (North of Ashland near Grant's Pass)

MUSIC with legendary reggae artists the Abyssinians, Chris Berry & Friends, Charles Neville with Youssoupha Sidbe & the Mystic Rhythms, Fannah Fi Allah, Freedom, SaraTone, Rocker T, Joanne Rand, Scott Huckabay,  State of Jefferson, Singing Bear, Frankie Hernandez, Fantuzzi, Medium Troy, Human, Steven Roush, Organic Time Machine, David Kai, Web of One, Maesyn, Zahira, Living Tarot...

ELECTRONICA Temple with...Knowa Knowone, DJ Dragonfly, DJ Drez, Kaminanda, Shakti Bliss, DJ Samadhi...many more.

THEME CAMPS...Ecstatic Dance Camp with Conscious Dancer Magazine, Berkeley Dance Journey & the NIRVANA CABANA dance space! Healing Arts, Raw Food Camp with Laura Fox and Chef B. Live, Visionary Arts, Yoga, Sound Healing, Drum and Dance, Ecovillage, Sacred Spaces Village, Casbah Teahouse, Singing Alive, Aloha Camp, Indigenous Camp, Devotional Dome, Sweat Lodge, Red Tent, Sufi Camp, Tea Ceremony ... healing arts, entheogenic forums, soundhealing, yoga, Native American and Indigenous arts, visionary art and more...Joe Marshala, Samantha Sweetwater, Tahir Qawwal, Chef B Live, Heather Salmon, Saha Deliverance, Tome Ward, William Waterby Marks, Swami Beyondananda, Davin Infinity. Deborah Dove, Daniel Levy, Dominic Notterr, Tej Steiner, Renee Jeffus, Acacia Land...

VISIONARY ARTS...curated by Ecoartopia Sacred Arts Collective with Lindy Kehoe, Clay Chollar, Victoria Brenner, Forrest Boden, Qahira Lynn, Jah Ishka Lah, Heather Taylor, Davin Infinity, Seth Mc Mahon, Alison Baumsteiger, Ashley Foreman, Darren Minke, Mariella De La Paz, Julia Weaver, Summer Thompson ...

Webcast July 24-25: Day Out of Time / Water Ceremony with Dr. Masuro Emoto

Tickets (until July 20):

3 day advance camping pass - $100
5 day advance camping pass - $130

Ridesharing and shuttles encouraged!

Address: 500 Reeves Creek Rd. at Lakeshore Dr. , Selma, OR

Price: $100 - $130 advance, $180 at the door. Limited to 3,000 so reserve in advance.

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Dear Fellow Planetary Shifterts,

We started a new movement for lightworkers and healers with Soul (love and light) jobs for US Peace Dept. 

New earth community social healer jobs for inner peace and enlightenmnet for wrold healing and Peace- end poverty--All with no harmful side effects... more info.. 



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