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Using machines to diagnose or treat with for example Rife, Bionic 880 or Bicom2000

Is anyone using a Bionic 880 for healing treatments or other infrared light machines?

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I will be tested with a vega machine next Tuesday for dental filling capabilty. I do like energy machines and I am looking forward to the experience.
I will be going to Germany mid June for Bionic 880 treatment and blogging about my experience here:
I am very much into devices for well being. I have several of my own, I am not a practitioner. I use the Quantum Scalar Wave Laser, my most favorite, and others. I have a VIBE machine (which I am selling now, moving so can't take it).
I just had the MD in Germany use the Biocom 2000 for energy testing for diagnosis along with the use of homeopathic nosodes of different diseases and also to decide which supplements and minerals to add to my detox IV's.

Try selling your vibe machine on craig's list but please stop posting your phone number and marketing things here. THANKS!



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