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How is everyone going so far with the wesak testing this year? My experience has been to view all [or as much as I can] that which is coming up as a brillant way to see where I still need to hold steady more and 'love thru' [rather than push through] all that in my life which does not serve me and my direction of holding steady and in more love. In moments breathing is the simple rule and knowing that this is the testing time and of course that which has been my challenges will come along now so I can prove to myself and beyond that yes indeed, I can hold steady and not fall into the old, be they patterns or habits, or ways of speaking or thinking. This time of year is a blessing yes, even though in moments it feels like I'm back in high school sitting my end of year exams...and of course, thats not far from the truth..... i'd love to hear how everyone else is going....? lots of love Jacqui

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I appreciate the opportunity to share experiences & instructional methods that assist us through the "labor pains" of what's to come. This stage of development of humanity is very much like a pregnancy and we have to be very careful what we take in to our systems. I have found myself spending more "contemplative" time and when I am out in the world I seem to be so much more aware of feelings and emotions emitting from those around me. I practice sending energetic love to those in close proximity at the grocery store or wherever I may be. I try to make eye contact and smile with the purpose of generating peace from my heart to theirs, whoever they may be. Each gentle influence of the 6 heart virtues; appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, valor, humility, and understanding , distribiutes out to humanity and influences a dimensional shift.



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