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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Thank you for working for Peace. When I was almost done with my Master's in IT in 2006 I came up with the Peace Project. I gave it 20 years to implement and condensed things to 10 major obstacles. I gave each obstacle 2 years and that is how I arrived at 2027.
#1 obstacle is eliminating Domestic Violence. My theory is that DV is the root of all human violence.
#2 clean water and proper sewage. In the USA we take this for granted but in some areas of Africa children are lucky to get past 5 mostly because of contaminated drinking water.
#3 educate the world. this is going very fast. We need Internet high speed in all regions. As an example: Only 10% of Pakistan is hooked to the Internet. 40% in China. Estonia is 90% but also a geographically small country that was for awhile part of USSR.

My bumper sticker is Entertainment + Education + Prosperity = Peace

This year I am devoting considerable time to two charities: The Academy of Special Dreams & The Star Foundation. Both are registered charities with the USA.

Laurie is a very determined person and if she decides to do something she will leave no stone unturned. I need 2 billion people to make this plan work but none of them need to do the exact same thing. There are only two choices: You want Peace or you don't. As far as I am concerned there are as many ways to arrive at Peace on Earth as there are snowflakes. Celebrate diversity and try to gain attention for whatever you do in a positive way instead of by speaking of things that are contrary to your goals.

Love & Peace, Deborah

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The way I see it there are only 2 choices. You want peace or you don't. All of us that want peace are doing what we can to get there. There are many roads. I say do whatever feels best for you. Peace is the goal. The method of arriving is far less important.
Love & Peace, Deborah

yes the domestic violence is to be prevention and by discovering and bringing forth the truth.

We have to discover the truth to get aknowledged of the dynamics of violence.




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