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Ho'oponopono - see this video - practice what it says and create miracles in your life

Ho'Oponopono - I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank-you (See this video - it is best yet on this, ron)
Posted by Sharon Taphorn

Fantastic video about a Hawaiian Healing cleansing method...

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Karen of Gratitude Power left me this message, when I asked her if I could use Ho'Oponopono on someone who I thought betrayed me?
Hi Ron,
With Ho'Oponopono you take responsibility for the situation whether you felt you caused it or not. Dr. Hew Len explained in his book that total responsibility for life means everything in your life--simply because it is in your life..
If you take responsibility for your life, everything you see, hear, taste, touch or in anyway experience, is your responsibility because it's your life. ( I had to sit with that for awhile, but eventually it made sense)

It's always about the "Self"--when you cleanse the self with I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you--it's not about the other person at all--i'ts between you and the divine. When Dr. Hew Len cured a hospital of patients, he never met any of them--but the case came into his life experience and he took responsibility for the experience by cleansing himself with Ho' Oponopono.

All of your experiences live within you--when you shift within, everything automatically shifts around you. One thing that I've tried in relationships is to just think of the person and say to yourself "I love you" over and over again. I find that softens the tension and energy around the situation. In the meantime Ho'Oponpono is always--I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you--- it's about you---"peace begins with me"
Love and Gratitude
Gratitude Power
Mercy - Forgive Everyone
MERCY (Sharon's Angel Card combined with Ho'Oponopono)

"To develop the quality of mercy, forgive yourself and everyone around you."

"I am sorry,
Please forgive me,
thank you.
I love you."

Be magnanimous, see the good in others and give them the benifit of the doubt. Open up to compassion, but most of all access the wisdom within that recognises the Divine in every creature.

When you temper your attitude to others with mercy, you offer them grace. You spread much light, joy and freedom and empower others to find the good in themselves.

The angels of mercy are offering you release from your pain or difficulities. Accept it graciously.

with love, the Angels
Taking Responsibility For Everything
Sounds like she is the Prodigal Aunt. SHE abandoned uyoui emotionally, nopt the opther way around, but I'm so happy for you that all is going so well. L.

thank you, L., I have not thought of it like that, I am just glad she has forgiven me for what she "thought" I did. We are all one anyway, so the Ho'Oponopono prayer for forgiveness does not make a difference. A few months ago, I left this prayer on her message machine: "I am sorry, please forgive me....thank you, I love you!" I keep praying it as needed - often and it works!
in gratitude, ron



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