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For the heck of it how about anyone, at anytime, posting a song (whatever format...MPEG, youtube, etc.) on how you feel right now! You can expound with background, history, personal experience, or not. Happy, sad, in between---It's up to you....

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Thanks for the reminder Craig. My ex girlfriend was in NYC when they killed him. Despite the fucking ridiculous nature of elements of this country, such individuals point out what is important....

Lennon: Instant Karma.

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Thanks Jay, love the Trane. Just staying in the moment is a Giant Step for me.

To lighten it up a bit, I had this great '80s moment...Thinking about the middle school dances, and just having fun without much concerns about anything, but the urgency of those cute girls....

Not many people spoke to the trouble soul like our very own Marvin Gaye.......What a talent. RIP.

For me such blues is an uplift, letting you know it could always be worse....HA!

Peace, Mike
I don't subscribe to Rastafarianism, and much to any other formal religion per se, however the spritual nature is so blaring. Gratitude is an essential ingredient in the road to a happier life. With that, I want to thank Brother Bob.....

Let Us Love - Needtobreathe
Ok,well there are a couple of romantic jazz cuts that I wrote as well on my page,one is called Ocean of Dreams"and the other is called "I'm Fallin' in Love Again"...............Both songs give one the sense of being at the ocean with that special someone looking and listening to the waves,inhaling their exotic essense and then feeling a cool ocean breeze.

The Song of Creation


Let every Moment be in tune

With the Harmony

That is alive in God’s at one ment.


For the Sound of the Universe runs through all of Life,

It is in the whispers of the Wind,

The Running waters of the Stream,

The song of the Birds callings,

And in The City as it roars with life.

And we can tune in to our soul

To find the vibration that is our Life Force

A Sound, a Harmonic of the One Sound of God.


As we tune in to Life’s sounds,

And our hearts Song,

We become part of the Song of the Universe,

The Song of God’s Creation in Being.


A celebration that is alive

In a wave of appreciation that feeds us,

By the receiving of our Muse.

Which is A shimmering  reflection

of the Music of the Spheres,

God’s great Chorus of Life

Alive within our Souls.


So we give thanks for the Music,

And the Musicians who are in tune

With the source that is their muse,

For In this celebration of Life,

God’s song is alive in the

One sound of Creation,

And we are living that Song.




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