Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

what if you realize your parents have not been true when you where a child?


the attitude of loving brings you to have many are never alone

but wisdom means also being alone to have the time for meditating

being not able to be alone might be a sign of low self-consideration

how many people remain alone because not giving a second chance

the forgiveness shouln't be infinite but has to be mighty

how many people can't live full love because they make the other people "something to conquer" or they expect too much from the other people.

the perfect love remains able to walk together through new paths without never being bored.

let's make an example of a perfect society in which two child meet and swear eternal love......(in the past this costume was manipulated but itself it's not a bad idea)

Today the society has a mask of prohibitionism but children has to escape their parents to experience a new love story........they have got to hide so they don't have protection.   parents' prohibitionism obtain the reverse effect.

The best parents guide and let the child wander where he wants to go but protecting him.

wandering in wonder but with a guide ....... in that way the child begins to learn what it's good and what's bad.

once the church priest said to my parents referring to me "when your child will get married we'll do a great party" (our was supposed to be the "great family")

Now i live far from them and this would never happen, i was able to love but something didn't work.......

I feel like to spend all my love here and at work .

i think the best love is the one you fell for humanity.

 other problematic people are not able to fix on , that might be a mind/heart problem.

in a corrupted society like today's they use other people (the giver and the taker) normally the taker is a good looking person which force stays in the giver weakness which is usually afraid of being alone.

and we have come back to the beginning.

usually the giver has been too protected and dreams to conquer beautiful good looking people-

usually the taker has been too let free in his growth has experimented violence on nhimself because not protected.

how can you became healed in this love troublesome extremes?   just feeling the UNIVERSAL LOVE  which trascends gender, sex and cultural differences...........

ok you can change with psychanalisis . your life is not finished at 30 or 40 , the thing you should do as children grown is where you do collocate yourself and only try to play unconditional love.

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