Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The early-birds rewards going into your pockets helps stimulate the economy but many join us because our kiosk project benefits so many environmental issues. If you wait a year you may have another year to wait Economic stimulus here
And you would miss the cool early-bird rewards.

How often do you find a message in the world, like this one?
Each of us reacts to life's events based on a lifetime of conditioning. Our thoughts then determine which thought direction we will take. Clever people can think outside the square but you don't need to be smart, just a little passionate about the world our children have to live in.

A group of us is acting together at a ning social website to unite and provide some economic stimulus wile improving the environment. Membership is free. And our kiosk project will put rewards into pockets. Just by joining you help send this out and were sending a powerful messages to the Governments local and Global, also your Internet friends and the wider community without Internet, Get your reward for the early-birds easy local action kiosk project. It's free and vollintary You can add your name to the effort. It will help strengthen our lobby power. In the longer term it will assist in overcoming greed and hostility. Join us at saveNaturefree Link > unite against the machine Please return here when your done.

The message and the solution is simple, The site lists a large range of issues critical to our safety and the environment.

If you Think Loving Thoughts, you win and we would love you to join us.
The amount of love in the world is increased as more of us begin to Think loving Thoughts. As our thinking changes so our actions begin to reflect the change in thinking.
Your great duty then to the world and your fellows is to join with us at SaveNaturefree To help send this out to the people in your area but please return here when your done.

The premise may be somewhat simplistic to some, so it will only work if or when you are blessed with the light of intelligence. Those of you with insight and intelligence, those who understand that Spiritual TRUTH is relative to the observer, will respond with love.
Some are awakening, some still slumber!

Many of you have had enough, so we ask How Important is it to you? Like many of you have been saying,
"The issues are ones that will effect The fate of the world". All of Humanity is effected by our ability to unite in reforming our method of relating in the UN and in Government office, In police stations and in courts.

Politics has failed or is slow to change. Schools have failed or are failing, a few begin to reform.

Religion makes the problems worse!. So we must be the change we want to see in the world. we do this by asking ourselves and the devout religious followers to look within, and see the light of love is calling them to accept that Spiritual TRUTH is relative to the observer.

just by Thinking loving Thoughts you have a little win. When a whole nation Thinks with loving thoughts, Well, try it and see.
Those who say "What if the enemy has a gun?" I reply quickly that as more of us Think with Loving Thoughts the chance of that occurring diminishes.
Your comments are most welcome.

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