Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.


Wake up masters of the Earth!

Stop slavery exported in the world from
countries lost between the lands of the desert.

Stop you jackals mercilessly who exploit and abuse
of your hungry brother, that you displaced  abroad and hide in

dirty hovels, narrow,  musty and windowless.

Woe to you, energy lost in
the dark sea of

egoism, that you force your victims to frugal meals on

sewing machines obliging  them to work night and day
as if they were robots to direct without compassion

and respect, for a punch of coins duty of blood.

Wake up masters of the Earth!

Stop the mafia, stop the arrogance, stop
slavery, stop exploitation,
 stop dictatorship for a poisoned fistful of sand

Stop the suffering of children forced to steal, prostitute

to work for two cents that sound of slavery and death.

Stop politicians looking indifferent while the streets

of our cities are invaded by teenagers prostitutes deported
against their will, from the merchants of sex.

Wake up masters of the earth !
You're not in the land of toys, but you should
work for the common good without getting lost in  
between viados, enslaved prostitutes and drugs.

Stop the discussions and the fights for power.
Stop corruption and crime in the institutions

Awake, O rulers of the earth, and start
working with good sense, clean up our cities from drugs,
slavery, blackmail, violence and injustice

Wake up masters of the earth,
do not continue to mess around on your laurels,
humanity need justice.

Wake up masters of the Earth!






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