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conscious music movement -

Thanks to Carlos Santana, this site is right along my path ... kudos...

check out my band DREAMER CULT and all the other conscious music at myspace links

Dub Luv - reggae/dub
Musicnoir - eclectic
Native Sun - blues, reggae, rock

if you are in the New York City, Long Island area, please get in touch, join up on myspace, etc

Peace, Paz, amor....


Posted on March 9, 2009 at 11:28am

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At 4:51am on October 16, 2009, Susan Ann Ice said…
~*~ Hey SweetNoir!,
This is da 1st time I've been able 2 get online in awhile! ... which really cramps my style!

been having probs w/ a corrupt server Charter = Cheater!
I now don't have cable, internet, or a landline! ( can only catch wyfy randomly @ hm & da cel ph dosn't work well inside my hm)

I miss ya babe! ~*~ Peace, Love & Light, Muzy Suzy ~*~
At 8:31am on June 6, 2009, Frizzey Greif said…
♥ ♥ ♥
Thanks for the friendship

heartly welcome in
Frizzey Lights World
♥ ♥ ♥
At 10:40am on May 13, 2009, Susan Ann Ice said…
~*~ Yo DudeNoir!,
Thanx 4 da funny tx this AM!
PlZ ck. out the comments / msgs. I just sent Frizzey & Clint!

Lloyd needs help from w/ a very worthy project he's working on...promoting & getting sponsers to go on a Music & Lecture Tour for songs he's written for his sweet daughter Eve, who recently died of Asthma!
& Frizzey is an awsome kindred spirit to your music & lifestyle!
Clint Shepard, {an amazingly motovated boy genius!, who's actually falling for our Shanti! they've been doing AOAND , txting, & talking on da cel ph.!
= Puppy Love!!!! ~:-) } is doing a video interview project w/ folks both VERY famous & grassroots folkz to document what folkz are personally doing to help Humamity & Save the Planet etc. !!!!
Ya'll should connect & do an interview!
G2G4 Now! Plz contact Frizzey, Clint & Lloyd! ASAP!!!!

~*~ XXOOMMMMM ~*~ ... SuzyNoir
At 8:44pm on May 2, 2009, Shanti Chiappetta said…
thanx ^^ u too
At 1:51pm on May 1, 2009, Shanti Chiappetta said…
lol yes it's pretty cool and thanx its like a gold color now but im going to get it redone so how are you doing
At 11:33am on May 1, 2009, Susan Ann Ice said…
~*~ PixNoir!,

Thank you so much for the pix of my sweet Soul Sister Shoshi & I @ my last NYC trip! Do you have any more? & can you PLEESE sent this one & any others to my so I can save them into my computor & get Bryan to cut n paste, put into a file, or whatever ... so I can use them!!!!
At 10:48am on May 1, 2009, Susan Ann Ice said…
Hey sweet Boynoir!
Thanks for talking with me last weekend... hope you have a bluetooth for talking while your driving your motorcycle!.
About to get back @ the gruleing yard work inbetween rain showers. I'm almost caught up!
Thinking of you! ~:-)

~*~ Peace, Love, & Light, Suzynoir ~*~
At 1:32pm on April 30, 2009, Shanti Chiappetta said…
hey , ^_^ i am shanti susan's how are you
At 11:35am on April 26, 2009, Susan Ann Ice said…
~*~ Hey Sweet LoveDudeNoir!,

YO!!! YO!!! Coming 2 U 2 say what it is baby!... 4 majorly awsome NYC spiritual scene for this July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've got some FANTASTICAL news & INFO. to share w/ YOU & your networking Peeps! ~~~>about the NYC spiritual events in July!!

I cked out & !!!!!!!!!!

I'm extremely excited to share w/ U what I found!

Ammchi will be in NYC Tues. 07/07th - Thurs. 07/09th ....
B4 being in Wash. D.C. Sun. 07/12th - Mon. 07/13th....

Here's the Superdeedooper bonus!

Dudenoir! I saw @ the Spirit Voyage site that in the daze between the 2
NYC & D.C. dates is an awsome Spiritual Concert & Yoga Retreat! in Wassaic,NY! How far is that from Manhattan?!!

It's a dual event! :
1st the concert @ 3pm on Fri. 07/10th called :
"700 Voices Sacred Music Festival" w/ several long term friends of my family & I .... who are 3HO & Amma devotees etc.!

2ndly followed by the "Peace Through Yoga" campout retreat!
Fri 07/10th, Sat 07/11th, & Sun 07/13th!

I would absolutely LOVE, & desperately NEED the healing vibes of a lengthly submersion into such a High Vibration Spiritual Bliss! & the fellowship of the sweet kindred spiried folks attending such an event!

YO! Mr. NetworkingDudeBenoir!!! Please! start spreading the word to your Peeps to =

"Come join us to get your Spiritual Buzz On ... While making life long Soul Connections with sweet, cool, hip folks!" ...
by attending these uniquicaly special back 2 back spiritual events happening in your own NY backyard!!! ....
& most amazingly! = the fortuitous serendipity of Divine timing to sequentally attend the :
" The Musicnoir & Suz the Muze ~ Greatful Living! Magical Mystical Summer of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE Tour of 2009 " !

Starting with the 1st Annual ...
"Musicnoir LoveStock ~ Dub Luv Vibe & Dance Fest"...
~~~> which YOU co-organize for 4th o' July weekend THIS year!...
just like you wanted to do last year!

Honey!, I truely believe in your Vision to accomplish this awsome vibration raising event!
It WILL Beeee a Hugh Success!

Benoir!! I see YOU growing into this type of Big Time Conscious bussiness man!!
In Fact!!, This is how MY friend "The Ashley Capps" of "AC Entertainment" started : "Bonnaroo" ! , "Big Ears Festival" ! , "Sundown in the City" ! etc
& doing almost ALL the booking at both Large & small vinues in Knoxville!

I could arrange a skype meeting w/ him for you to get some tips & sharing ideas w/ him!
He wants to start having as many diverse Annual Festivals as possible
in Knoxville, TN & the surrounding East Tenneessee area!
Ya see.... He plans to turn Knoxville into a new & improved version / collogue of Nashville, Ashville, & Atlanta ... w/ the sweet hometown & conscious feel of Ashville but w/ the many professional facilities of a growing Metro area!
HOWEVER!!, Very Importantly wants to "Keep It Conscious & Real!"
by NOT having the desrespectful / decitefull / & exploitive CORRUPTION which has plagued the Entertainment Industry in most big cities!

Ashley Capps was absolutely shocked & humbled!!! , when I explained to him that I could see & fully understood what his intensions were & I saw visions of him successfully co-creating this into a real manifestation for his beloved Knoxville hometown!

I'll be there to help ya'll out! & I would be more than willing to shake loose earlier to help if you need me to!
BTW : Shanti will be in Wash. State w/ her Dad ALL Summer!

Anyway!, following Your Dub Luv Fest Thingy :
then 2nd for me is to see Amma in Manhattan 07/07th, 07/08th, & 07/09th! ....
(hopefully I could stay w/ Shoshi for a x3 day visit...
to have a long overdue visit w/ my sweet Soul Sister!!! ...
& to greatly facilitate my ability to easily & independantly get to the
"Mahattan Center" only about 22 blocks away from her home!...
where the x3 day Ammachi event is always held!

Followed by reconnecting w/ you if you're interested in attending the next event? ...or catching a ride w/ a fellow Amma Devotee who will surely be going to Wassaic,NY 2 also do a Spiritual submerssion!
( I have found that the go with the flow ... manifest
I would be happy to do just part of this Sacred Gathering event Fri 07/10th , Sat.11th, & day of the Sun. 12th ...
then flying out & going to D.C. for the Sun. 07/12th & Mon. 07/13th evening Ammachi Darshan programs!

Resting up a bit for a few daze... & then driving back to Alcoa, TN .

Yes! Obviously!, I'd HAVE to fly to pull this off!
I would plan to drive to Reston,VA in late June or early July...
hopefully catch a CHEAP flight to NYC or NJ to visit you @ da Beach 1st about Thurs. 07/02nd & attend your 4th o' July celebration thang! casually hang out @ da Beach, & see NYC etc. ....
do the Spiritual events & fly back to hopefully Dullas, only 10 mins from Reston!, or Regan Nat. in D.C. if cheaper on preferably Sun. 07/12th or Mon. 07/13th if cheaper ...
YOUR opinion & assistance would be nessesary to accomplish this!

Please!!!! Let me know what you're going to be up to doing during the above mentioned dates! & what parts you would be joining me for! ...
I know you'll be working & doing your Musicnoir thing ....
So Sweet Soul Brother Lovenoir!!!, just remember that I DON'T expect to be babysat when your working or buzy on hot dates or whatever!

Actually HoneyNoir, some sacred alone time!, a MAJOR change of scenery & a relaxed & hip vibration!, independant exploration!, & simple chill time!...
will be an indescribable & welcomed ~~~> & certainly well deserved reprive from all that's "gone down" the past few years !...
since I've last seen your pretty face & been in the presence of your beautiful SoulNoir!
WOW! It's been too long over due to visit w/ YOU too!

OY VED! "What ever doesn't kill you ... makes you more sarcastic!!"
( "La,la,la!" in a pee Wee Herman voice!) ~:-) hahaha!
No really, I'm much stronger & wiser now!

Please call me so we can talk about this Spiritual Excursion I desire to embark upon to refresh & heal my mind, body, & soul!

Heee heeee.... "Suz the Muze" strikes again!

Ready?... Set! .... You GO!!... BoyNoir!

{ See! Now this has taken me hours of presious daylite time with sooo much CHORES to be done around here! + my yard is a Jungle!

So PLEEEZE!! I still would appreciate a ph. call, sweetie!
We are close friends & we CAN talk on the phone!
Which is much easier for me to do.... considering the hours it takes for me to type , EDIT etc.
The folks here @ AOAND are ONLY available for communicating, thus far,
via this fantastic site which I'm eternally greatful to you for turning me on to!!!!!!!!! }

~*~ Peace, Love, & Light!, Your Soul Sister SuzyNoirGirl ~*~
At 10:34am on April 25, 2009, Susan Ann Ice said…
~*~ Dudenoir!...
As I've mentioned SEVERAL times!....
~~~~> I've been tooooooooooooooooo overwhelemed w/ trama & drama to work on setting up any of my soon 2 B new websites!
Inclusive of : "Facebook", "Myspace" , "Twitter", "Suz the Muze",
"Heart N Soul Advocates", twiking "AOAND", or twiking "You Tube"!
etc. because I've been tooooooooooooooo overwhelemed & need help w/ computer stuff... which as you very well know is NOT 1 of my MANY gifts!

I've had to totally put these very important priorities of setting up world networking communication on hold!... except here @ AOAND to muse & honor other Philanthropists for being who they/we are! & to be doing something PLEASENT , LOVING, & POSITIVE! in the middle of a family & personal crisis! This has ben 1 of FEW saving GRACES!!!!!

As well as the Ft. Sanders Hospital "Medical Mistakes DEATH of my Daddy" which I also will be on Opera for in the future! , + x5 other lawsuits on hold!...

While I deal w/ having finally locking Eric out!, getting a protective order w/ the help of a "Haven House" court advocate!, signing Shanti over POA to a best friend to keep her outta the drama!, & documenting w/ digital video & pix my "Clean up your messy house thing" to be aired in the future on Opera! as a way to show other women what can happen when you lose yourself to an abusive & controlling man! & NOT to give up hope!... but to pick up the pieces , brush yourself off & start your life over with the GIFT of the wisdom, compassion, insight, & DUTY to therefore HELP others going through a similar situation!...
As usual... I feel that unfortunate situations happen for me to gain 1st hand invaluable insight to be able to help others in the future! "Lemons into Lemonaide!"
.....which I now see is transparently CLEAR is why Eric became NON-compliant about doing much to help for the past 1 & 1/2 years that we were on the rocks & then broken-up ... (but yet he would NOT leave !...
taking my extended family who supported him for 2 & 1/2 years + !
= 7 & 1/2 months @ Wayne's hm & then 21+ months @ MY hm.!! as I despirately & repeatedly requested!!! ) for was to co-create a HUGH unbelieveable messy disaster here in & around my home as a manipulative & extremely disturbed! CON-ARTIST = a repeated PATTERN! & to have something to hold over my head & blame on me like he narsistically did about most everything!

I said that I need to TALK w/ you, sweetie! NOT blog w/ you!

The connections here @ AOAND are for a SPIRITUAL & POSITIVE outlet/inlet
so I can still carry out my mentoring, musing, creative & intuitive consultant, networking & promoting, & missionary services! etc....
& intellectually ,spiritually, & energetically to connect w/ other optimistic kindred spirited soul cluster mates!

I Love you sweetie! Please CALL me! ~*~ xxxooommm ~*~ , Suzynoir


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