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Welcome to the Insight Foundation

A message from the IF CEO
The Insight Foundation (IF) is for those who are committed to making a difference in the world. We feel that a real problem in the world is ignorance and the long term solution to many of the major issues facing the human race is enlightenment and transformation within all of the key elements of civilisation. We provide a kind of think tank, a melting pot for ideas amongst social entrepreneurs banding together to provide innovative sustainable solutions to global issues.

The work of IF

IF oversees and coordinates growing numbers of philanthropic initiatives and grooms and develops the potential of other individuals and organisations through our unique and empowering training programs.

IF is assisting hundreds of students from more than 60 countries, from all walks of life, religions, races and creeds. Read our student stories

Why do people choose to study with IF?

It’s simple: Students get results by realising and actualising their innate potential.

Click here to visit The Insight Foundation website.

Cosmosis™ Academy (CA)
The Academy teaches and facilitates the ancient mechanism of self-transcendence and integrated ascension. IF offers courses in self–mastery, which cultivate deeper levels of compassion, unity consciousness and mutual interdependence, empowering students in their sphere of influence.

IF’s unique courses, tools and student support enable students to discern conscious and unconscious fear-based thinking and feeling patterns and then empower them to choose love-based patterns by transforming defeating behaviours.

In recent years a new spirit has been awakening. People are exploring realms that have been shrouded in mystery and confusion. New churches, alternative healing modalities and spiritual centres have grown in every country. The yearning to be reconnected to the earth, to spirit, to God, is being expressed in books, movies, magazines, workshops, new-age centres and within existing institutions. Many are no longer satisfied with the fear-based patterns within and around them. People are seeking transformation. This transformation affects all areas of society: from a growing interest in healthier food to preventive healthcare and education and political reform. The fragmentation of knowledge can lead one to pursue a new, healthy diet, but ignore the debilitating effect of psychological pollution.

Cosmosis™ Academy provides a holistic approach to self-mastery and satisfying needs for transformation and integrated ascension.

The Academy has nothing to do with religion or philosophy. It has to do with surrendering to a new human destiny where no one will be left behind, a quickening and a gathering of extraordinary individuals sharing and awakening to the truth that is the God within. IF invites you to join us in being one with an integrated and expanded consciousness and spark new waves of awakening and consciously hold the vision of a world of harmony and unity. If you desire integrated ascension facilitation at the highest levels of clarity, love and wisdom we invite you to enrol in our courses!

The central element of the curriculum is a revolutionary alchemical process called Cosmosis™. This process enables you to transmute all fear vibrations in your system into frequencies of unconditional Love, thereby refining your being into more love and light.

Click here to visit The Cosmosis Academy website.

Cosmosis Part 1 Ascension Personal Spiritual Alchemy
Cosmosis Part 2 Ascension Personal Spiritual Alchemy

Cosmosis Part 3 Soul Ascension

Cosmosis Part 4 Ascension Personal Spiritual Alchemy

Cosmosis Part 5 Ascension Genetic Line Clearing

Cosmosis Part 6 - Potential and Self Acceptance

Cosmosis Part 7 - Our Journey from Source

Cosmosis Part 8 - Liberating Potential

Cosmosis Part 9 - Seven stages of life - The Human Divine

Cosmosis Part 10 - The Commitment to Mastery

Cosmosis Part 11 - The Inner Critic

Cosmosis Part 12 - Spiritual Risk Management

Cosmosis Part 13 - Harmonizing Issues Process

Cosmosis Part 14 - Choosing Joy as a state of being

Cosmosis Part 15 - Synthesis and Unity

Cosmosis Part 16 - Unity of Source

Cosmosis Part 17 - Source Body Consciousness

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