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Not a Blog, but rather...A Must See

Here is a link to an excellent speech by Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont). This 13 minute speech is worth your 13 minutes.…


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We participate in the change we "want to see out there"

by first becoming the change "in here".

Ascendency of frequency - magnetic pulse -waves of Light;

Inner transformation invites that which was

to fall away into shadow, no longer relevent

history transcended - not to be repeated!

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Weaving the New Matrix

We are the weavers, each of us a thread of rare and beautiful Light, weaving a tapestry of new destiny upon the global loom of our shared humanity. This intricate design changes in presentation as new threads appear moment to moment, each imparting unique offerings into consistently evolving munti-dimensional artistry.

Sometimes, a thread tangles and becomes knotted pulling other threads with it. However, with patience and understanding the knot can be untangled, the thread…


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There are many views in the media regarding 2012 and the many scenarios we could experience when December 21, 2012 finally arrives. Articles and books abound, directing our attention to the worst possible experiences, stoking the fires of fear, hopelessness and helplessness. Our attention is consistently invited to consider an abundance of life threatening possibilities such as tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, solar flares and tectonic plate shifts. How could we possibly survive on Earth’s…


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