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Fire In The Soul Channelling - Mary Magdalene - 17 October 2006
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The Daily Prayer 2012


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8D Body Template - 8 Dec 2005 - MP3
The Light Side of Darkness - Kuthumi-Agrippa

New Earth New Life Channelling - Kuthumi & Mary Magdalene - 29 ...






Rainbow Bridge of Ascension - Kuthumi


Metatronic Ray Activation - Kuthumi - 25 May 2007

5:5:5 Ascension Day Channelling 2005 - Kuthumi - 5 May 2005





Core Fear Channelling & 5 Patterns of Self-Sabotage - 6 Sep 2006


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Clearing Contracts - Kuthumi - 13 Jun 2006


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Journey into the Divinity of your Sacred Signature - Kuthumi






Subconscious Flush Channelling - Kuthumi - 9 Sep 2006









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Kuthumi on Communication - revised and updated July 2012, originall...







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Archangel Michael & the Blue Flame MP3
Archangel Michael & the Blue Flame PDF


Quantum Accelerator Grid Activation - St Germain - 17 July 2007


Quantum Leap of Faith Channelling - Kuthumi - 29 Feb 2008














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Time Travel Channelling - Kuthumi - 7 May 2006



Lady Nada - 9D Chakra & 99 Petalled Flower of Love Activation





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          Leave no shell unturned, no coral unexplored, & let no one in this kingdom sleep until she's safe at home.



 Healing yourself through your Higher Self - Kuthumi


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Cosmic DNA 1 & 2 Activation - Kuthumi - 4 Oct 2006




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Sun Chakra Awakening with the Lions - Kuthumi


Cosmic Sun Chakra Alignment - Kuthumi






XII • Changing your drama
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XII • Accepting the Beauty of Life
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XII • Law of Peace
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1440 Desert Masters Gathering - Kuthumi - 13 Apr 2006








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Charging for Services...
a commonly asked question!
"Giving and Receiving and Charging for Services"
All Rights Reserved & Copyright Michelle Manders ©
Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 24 January 2005

"...Firstly, let us explain that the past two thousand years have been a time of limited consciousness. It has been a time where people have been told what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and why to do it.  People were told what they were allowed to do and not allowed to do, and the belief systems created were based on a handful of people’s perceptions and personal belief systems of life.  Therefore, some people decided charging for spiritual services was a no-no. Others decided that manifesting a direct line to Spirit and speaking to God at your own time, when you wanted to and however you wanted to, was absolutely not permitted. This group also decided that certain tools would not be revealed which would result in too much empowerment, therefore, too much knowledge and wisdom which would result in humanity evolving at a rapid rate, meaning power would be removed from them, and their lust consciousness manifested in a system of limited experience such as what you have just come out of.  Many generations are still influenced by these belief systems; however, many of you are working on changing this.

"Let us reiterate at this time that your world is changing rapidly. Therefore, new systems are being implemented in order to support the current system and new energy being experienced, the current new levels of evolution.  Therefore, when one just gives and gives and gives without getting anything in return, there is eventually no more to give. Another vital factor to bear in mind is that you all live in a physical world. There are physical needs that you have. The material world, especially the modern material world, is very different to the way living was two thousand years ago, even five hundred years ago. What one requires in the modern living system is rather large in comparison to past needs. The needs were more simple because life was far more simple; life now is more complex, but the belief system around not receiving for spiritual services is distorted because it results in one becoming depleted. It results in damming up the flow of energy.

"Energy is meant to be used.  A few hundred years ago one could swap cattle or fruit and vegetables. In the modern world bringing cattle, fruit, and vegetables will not put fuel in your car or pay your mortgage, and this is how modern religion needs to become enlightened and see that times have changed. The bartering system does not exist as it did, and it is that bartering system which people still refer back to without realising that is what was utilised at that particular time.  So the modern system of exchange of energy is in the form of money. This currency was created as a means to exchange energy. Money is called currency because it must flow.  Water is full of currents pulling it in different direction. When there is no current, water stagnates and becomes toxic and unfit for consumption.

"It is vital that you look at your own issues around deservability, your belief systems around money, and receiving and giving. Have you been taught to give without measure and never to accept a gift in return? That to take a gift is disrespectful?  Have you been taught that to expect anything in return is bad, or to ask for an exchange of energy in the form of money for something you are able to provide for someone else is unacceptable, especially if it is of a spiritual or healing nature?

"Priests, bishops, all received and still receive payment for their involvement in teaching people about God and the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church is one of the richest institutions on the planet; they are paid large sums of money and always have been. Many other churches do the same: a collection is made, the congregation donates money so that the preacher has a home, has food, has a motorcar, and most of them live comfortably, most of them, not all of them, depending on where it is that they are preaching.  If you think back in this manner, you will see that that teaching has, in actual fact, been a major contradiction because as much as they were saying you cannot charge for spiritual teachings, it was  and is being done all along..."

"As humanity recognises its spiritual healers, helpers, advisors, etc., in the same way they recognise doctors and other professionals, you will see a major shift in the collective consciousness of humanity because the acceptance of their profession, of what they offer, will be far more freely available. Humanity will be far more giving, and because of them being far more giving, those in that kind of professional line are in a position to give more freely of their time.

"Let us go back to charging for time.  You live in a linear world of time because you have physical and material responsibilities.  You work in time brackets; therefore, your daytime is usually set aside for work time to manifest the financial requirements needed to meet the material responsibilities in your third dimensional living experience. Whether you are a banker or a nurse, a receptionist or a cashier doesn’t matter, you are being paid for the time you are at work and for the skills you can provide..."

The above quote is taken from the channeling, MASTER KUTHUMI, Giving and Receiving and Charging for Services, and is available at the Palace of Peace web site within the "Abundance" course.*  For more information about this subject, this series, as well as this particular channelling, is highly recommended. All Rights Reserved & Copyright Michelle Manders © ~ Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 24 January 2005. 

Mary Magdalene
The Law of Fair Exchange and Air Gates 128 – 134
All Rights Reserved & Copyright Michelle Manders ©
Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 22 December 2009

"...embrace your power to move beyond the fears which are your greatest obstacle to spiritual growth, especially those based on lack, limitation, and restrictive belief systems...

"It is vital that all understand the importance of all the Cosmic Laws and the reason why we are beginning specifically with the Law of Fair Exchange is because all must realise that everything in the Universe must be balanced, therefore a fair exchange of energy is an essential part of maintaining balance. This law instills a deeper awareness of how you feel and how circumstances change when balance is absent and how it often impacts on one’s self-worth and inhibits the ability to live by the Law of Abundance.

"Now the fair exchange of energy has many dimensions to its essence:  energy continues to move, can never be destroyed, and when there is imbalance in the exchange of energy, the natural law is to bring that energy into balance. This means that you are bound to a person, people, situations, and patterns in all areas of life until the energy has been balanced, until there has been a fair exchange of energy.

"There is no escaping this Cosmic Law for it is the natural order through which energy passes. The fair exchange of energy is not limited to the exchange of money passing hands, it is not limited to how it is that you extend energy to others in giving, it is vital that you understand that you need to have a fair exchange of energy with yourself in relation to certain areas of your life, therefore, if you are overdoing it in any area of your life and other parts of your life’s quadrant is lacking energy those parts, or the part of your life lacking balance will push you and challenge you and bind you to its vibration until you have brought your life into a state of balance.

"There are four areas of life which one must pay attention to – they are you as an individual; it is your home, in other words your family connection; then your relationships; and your career. When these four areas of your life are in balance, the fair exchange of energy creates a harmonious grid along which all energy can flow harmoniously. 

"So to begin with I want all of you to honestly evaluate these four vital aspects of your life and consider where there is an imbalance, where is it that energy is lacking and has created tension, friction, and fragmentation in your life?

"You as an individual have a physical body, your home and family is a physical embodiment of various energies. Your relationship with your partner is another physical embodiment of an aspect of you as is your career or whatever it is that you do in the daytime to pass your time.

"Creativity is related to your career, or your work as such, therefore, if you are one who is either unemployed or retired or is not needing to take up a full-time career, you need to address your creativity, you need to look to what it is that you invest your energy in during your daytime hours. 

"Once you have addressed these four areas of your life, you will have a much better understanding of how it is the dynamics play out to pull your attention to areas where the fair exchange of energy has not been experienced and it is not being expressed. Once you have discovered this it is your duty to prioritise your time so that you can spread energy equally amongst those areas..."

"When individuals demand something for free, when people expect to be given anything for free because they are unemployed, they are disabled, or because their life has not given them opportunities to gather wealth, and expect to be, let me rephrase this, they expect the pity of others and play on those emotions in order to get what they want. So let me tell you now, if you are going to in any way or form whatsoever indulge in or support anyone’s poverty consciousness by giving in and giving something without the fair exchange of energy, know that you are binding your soul to that person, to that situation. 

"I speak not of causes which entails or involves children or the elderly or those who are severely disabled or ill, that is a completely different story for their situation is authentic, they are not consciously manipulating any dynamic of energy to get something for free because they are afraid, or because they are down right lazy and have not taken it upon themselves to truly explore all avenues of life and extend their hand out to the Universe to say please show me ways to be creative and creatively bring that which I need here and now.

"So, precious ones, this Cosmic Law brings an almighty challenge for all of humanity. This is the foundation for all the other laws to come and you must master it even if it is only an aspect at a time, it matters not, what is important is that your understanding of it continues to grow and that you apply it in your life.

"When you exchange energy with another,  not only are you balancing life, but you are honouring the value of that which has been shared with you. You have no right, and it is extremely disrespectful toward your fellow brothers and sisters to demand of them, or expect of them, to give you their energy for nothing, or to question the energy which comes through which they are giving. By this we are meaning perhaps it is a service that is offered and you question the service in terms of the energy exchange that is attached to it. If you are wanting to participate in the service or purchase whatever it is that the person or the people are offering you, then you must be willing to exchange the energy. If there is anything that you are unhappy with, then do not extend your energy out there, and that is just one simple example of millions of different examples that can be used..."


This above excerpt is from the Law of Fair Exchange, which can be found at the Palace of Peace's web site.

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