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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Well here we are on the eve of the New Year and I for one am very enthusiastic about the coming year.

2013 is a year six in Numerology and as a six it is a year that brings opportunities to re-connect with the Divine Feminine. The Maya predicted this time as a time of great change, a wake up call ,an opportunity to change the way we interact with our mother The Earth.

Gaia ,our Earth Mother who supplies us with our needs is herself in need of love and protection and nurturing. This year we have the opportunity to band together, to work together, to make these change begin to happen. We are one family ,The Human family, sharing one home, The Planet earth and as such it is up to each of us to do what we can to love our home.

Six is the number of harmony and of balance and right relationships and so the best place to make a start on change is within our own home. If we work on bringing our own relationships into balance and work on creating harmony within our home then we can begin to extend that energy out into the world. We also have power to change the way we shop. If we buy locally produced goods we cut down on the carbon footprint and reduce the levels of pollution. By buying locally we are supporting our local community and that is what the number six is all about. It's about community, it's about co-operation and sharing. It's about nurturing and caring and providing a safe space for growth and development.

If we take the numbers of the year we get ;

2 which is the number of balance and co-operation. It enables us to look at both sides and to be really fair in our dealings with others.

0  is the number of pure potential which enables us to really think about how we wish to change things. It reminds us that the only limitations are those we place upon our self.

1 the number of New beginnings, a fresh start an opportunity to re write our story.

3 the number of creative energy and of love and a zest for life. It is the number of manifestation and so enables us to begin to create ,to manifest a new way of being.It also represents the trinity the unity of Mind Body Spirit.

So I am enthusiastic about 2013 a year six. In Chinese astrology it is the year of the snake who by it's shedding of skin transforms itself on a regular basis. We may not physically shed our skin but 2013 does bring a chance to "let go" of the old ways and begin again.

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