Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.


After having Faced all of the many portals of Being
After having experienced Creation
in so many dimensions of consciousness
After all of the Love and Loss that life brings and takes
Still the naked Existence of the Divine Experiment remains

Seeing all
Accepting what the Choices have brought
The lessons that have been fed
To be given a way to truth
A way to Be
And Still there is the Soul
The Sweet Light that Shines through our long Path
And brings us the way to understand
To Let Go
To Love what has brought us to this moment
And it redeems our Heart with a Smile
That understands and makes it alright
To have walked on this Journey of Hidden Joy
And now presents the perfect presence of Now
So we can say Yes to God’s great Gift
Our Life
Our Love
Our Light
Our oneness
All laid at the alter of Infinity
To worship the Acceptance of the Gift Unwrapped
And Given as it is
The souls Dream as an Awakened Ray
of the Glorious Sun of a New Day
That whispers.. You are Here
You are Now
You are the One that can Look and See
The Atonement of the Giving and Taking
Of the self to Eternal Life

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