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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.



Soar into the breaking Dawn,

Fly with Wings of Light.

Let me Match the Flight of the Doves,

That are called to be in flight.


Into the radiant rays of the Sun,

free to follow visions sight,

to be above the earth,

and look into the Ultimate face of Light.


All of the Prayers of this Planet,

Are carried by them to the Lord.

They fly so high above the earth

As they glide above heavens shores.


Let me follow them to you, Sweet Lord,

And speak from my soul to yours.

I’m here just waiting to whisper my messages to you,

So your Love may Deliver me,

To final know that you would have me do.


Let me soar into the Heavens,

To feel the blessings in my Heart.

I can be Free as the birds who with Great Presence.

Are able to sing like a lark.


Let me soar to the Highest of highs,

Way above the roofs,

So I can be lifted

And be one with you,

And merge with your living truth.


Let me dwell there with the Angels,

And The blessed doves of the Lord,

Let their silken wings enfold me,

And protect me with their love.


 I know it’s important to share it,

 these words you have blessed me to hear.

So I soar away from heaven,

With a Cross that you’ve given me to bear.


For God’s Love gives me the Power,

To soar while here on land,

And God’s Light

Is always here with me,

To give me the vision so I can,


Soar, Soar, Soar,

From the Highest to where I am.

Soar, Soar, Soar,

And be free to find All I can.

Let me Soar just like the Dove of God,

And be Your Living angel and Just what I am.





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