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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

5-Week Teleseries with Barbara Marx Hubbard

I am so excited about the upcoming TeleSeries with Barbara Marx Hubbard:

How To Become An Evolutionary Leader

Beginning November 11th, Barbara will be Setting The Context For Collapse or Co-Creation. You are invited to help build the Evolutionary Communion of Pioneering Souls - to become a part of the worldwide uprising of people from every background and field sensitive to what is emergent, longing to realize our potential, seeking resonance and co-creation to navigate through this time of radical change. In this communion, we learn that our problems can become evolutionary drivers as we join with another to fulfill our vocations of destiny together.

November 18th - The Emergence of The Pioneering Soul
Subjects Include:
* Evolutionary Women: The rise of the feminine co-creator. Who are we now?
* The Advent of Regenopause: 50 to 80 and beyond. No more eggs? We are the egg!
* Evolutionary Men: The frontier of masculine emergence. What is it?
* Evolutionary Sexuality: From reproduction to regeneration?
* The Plight of the Lonely Sperm: An exploration into the fulfillment of sexuality as we shift, as a species, from maximum procreation to co-creation

December 2nd - Evolutionary Codes to Link Your Soul's Destiny With The Emerging Social Order
How to identify your essential creativity and link your essence with others in the growing community world changing pioneers toward a new and sustainable world. A vital new capacity for co-creators of a world that does not yet fully exist, where our vocations often have no school, no label and no pay! A vital skill for evolutionary leaders.

December 9th - The Joy of SupraSex
As we have fewer children and live longer lives, the sexual drive is expanding into the creative drive. Self-reproduction is enlarging into self-expression, self-evolution. How do we recognize and follow the compass of joy to guide us to what we want to give, to self-actualize; how do we respond to vocational arousal; learning to join not our genes but our genius to give birth to the greater self and our work in the world. Imagining a co-creative world fostering social synergy, the "Peace Room Come Alive" a new social function emerging from Internet and social networking that transcends dying social systems through joining to co-create.

December 16th - Celebrating The Planetary Birth Experience
Earth has a "due date." A phase change when the Great Shift becomes the Great Convergence. There is a mass resonance, an opening of the heart, an awakening from within and a synchronization of social innovations leading to a "non-linear, exponential interaction of what is working. Imagining and intending to participate in the actual emergence of a world equal to our spiritual, social and scientific potential, born into a universe of trillions of galaxies, opening our cosmic eyes together, smiling our first planetary smile.

ADDED BENEFIT: Members of this course will also have the option of participating in a private online community that will allow further connection with course members with additional support materials.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments regarding this course!

Barbara's message is so important during this time of "Breakdown to Breakthrough"!

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