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I am exhausted by religion. While I love the semiotics of religion, and communication with the source, the ONE, a marvelous experience, I have become tired by the emphasis of 'importance' to any particular sect of faith.

I know when I am awake, or I am asleep there is communion always with the entire existence I was invited to be a part of when I was given a conscious experience in flesh that cannot be the same without the ability to manipulate a shape.

I love the language of earth, and how the patterns of the behaviors of creation, animal, vegetation, and elements all have a message of love, and none of them require a set time of prayer, or a pattern of rehearsed experience or ritual to be important because of being alive. There is love in all of the parts of the whole, even the ones that cause hurt and introspection to see mistakes.

I am as my physical reality goes, alone in my personal life. All-one with life. I am part of nothing, and everything simultaneously and I find life reminds me often how transitory it all is, because nothing lasts, it always comes to the point of return to decay to nourish new seed, metaphorically or physically manifest.

I am a maturing woman, no longer a wife, no longer a mom, now a grandmom, but not the standard meaning of grandmom, as I am not near my children in life. I live in the realm of education, being a student in college at this stage of my life, learning the visual arts, psychology, philosophy, sciences, anything I can absorb and apply to the vast and endless possibilities that are contained in the mystery of life.

It is a good life, being alive. Everyday I breathe in some new opportunity of knowing that every little thing is going to be alright.

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