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Activating Sanat Kumara's Shield of Protection and Prosperity around Earth's Grid Matrix with Victory and Divine Mother ~ Nasrin Safai

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JULY 2012

July 2012 Newsletter



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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the month of July.  We are moving deeper into the Summer of 2012 and closer to the Landmark point of 12/21/2012, when we pass through the great Portal into Higher Octaves. The time that precedes a great event like this is very sacred. It is a time to "get our houses in order" because what we sow in these coming months while preparing for entry into the Portal will be reaped to an exaggerated degree on the other side.


In this month's meditation Divine Mother brings Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos, into the picture. She empowers him to fully embody the Energies of the Divine Feminine and empowered by these energies, activate his Shield of Protection and Prosperity in Fuchsia Pink around Earth. This is a huge gift to all of us and one that will be very impactful in all of our lives and for the Planet Herself, as we move closer and closer to 12/21. Please participate in this great act of service by performing this month's meditation for yourself, your loved ones, Earth and all of Human Kind.

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May your summer be an Abundant and Joyful one, held in the arms of Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine, as well as our beloved Sanat Kumara.



Portal Days in July: 7/1/12, 7/2/12, 7/4/12, 7/7/12, 7/10/12, 7/11/12, 7/12/12, 7/17/12, 7/20/12, 7/21/12, 7/22/12, 7/27/12.


Full Moon is on 7/3 and New Moon is on 7/19.






Activating Sanat Kumara’s Shield of Protection and Prosperity around Earth’s Grid Matrix

with Victory and Divine Mother


Adapted from the 6/6 /2012 Gateway portal channeling

Hello everyone, and welcome. July is a very important month this year.  Divine Mother has said “the entire summer months belong to me!” The Divine Feminine is at its height when the Fiery Energy of Summer help maximize the Presence of the Divine Feminine.  This year especially, the Creative Force of the Divine Feminine will push us for the next six months to reach to the portal of 12/21/2012.  It will push us through the quagmire of the density that surrounds the Third Dimensional Reality.  It will create the Tunnel of Light which we need to move into the Light of the Fourth and the Fifth Dimensional Octaves.  It will clear the Astral Realms which are part of the Fourth Dimensional Realm to then give us access to the Fifth Dimensional Octave, the ideal environment for our life of Joy and Happiness as Divine Souls.

December 21st  2012, as prophesied by the Mayans, Hopis, aborigines and natives, prophets and seers of past and present is a point where time is accelerated and renewed.  How does the acceleration and renewal of time help each of us?

It helps by allowing us to manifest our intentions and the object of our desires faster.  It would be really lovely when we manifest things right away.  That is the objective.  The Divine Feminine has the power to accelerate us and help the manifestation process through the Creative Force. That Creative Force behind the Divine Feminine can function much better in the Higher Octaves; like the Fifth Dimensional Realms, because we are not bogged down by the density, the negativity or the corruption on this Third Dimensional Reality.

Corruption is happening at individual , national and global levels. Corruption also exists in the Five Elements: bodies of earth are soiled, water is contaminated, air is polluted, fire is raging in all places uncontrollably.  What does that all mean?  It means that the Five Elements are out of control and no longer manageable.  There are ample reasons which have brought our Third Dimentional Reality to its knees: global warming, melting of the ice caps, dry air, destruction of greenery and trees and all manner of contamination and pollution, overpopulation and much more. But let’s remember that these Elements have a consciousness; at least in their enlightened, uncorrupted state they do.  They too have a consciousness of being of service, just as we have a consciousness of being of service as awakened and Enlightened souls.

Every one of these Elements in their Enlightened State knows what to do and when to do it.  It is possible that the Element of Fire would clear a body of polluted water, let’s say an oil spill, it’s possible that the Element of Fire would release someone of a major karma by burning a wall, a part of a house, or the whole house but when it rages over miles and miles and miles of wildfire in the forests, killing innocent animals, then that doesn’t speak of the consciousness of that Element being in its Enlightened State, but of reaching the point where it no longer wants to do good; a point of exasperation where it is now carelessly doing its job, carelessly taking care of things. This is our plight in the 3rd Dimensional Reality. This is why moving into the fifth Dimensional Octaves and incorporating ourselves into the 5D Reality is of utmost importance for us as a species; and it is equally important for our planet to revive herself and restore the 3D to its original state; allowing the plants, the minerals and the animals- who were meant to be the sovereigns of the 3D – to benefit from its restored state of perfection, as originally intended in the Divine Plan.

It is important we understand that we have this six month period to move ourselves (all humankind in our entirety as a species and not just the awakened, Enlightened ones alone) through this Higher Dimensional Octave that hasn’t become contaminated. In this period of time when Divine Mother is taking things under her reign, we can do a great deal to help facilitate that. What we do in the course of the next six months, what we sow, both together and individually, is what we shall reap for decades yet to come. How we move through the portal at 12-21-2012 and where we land counts greatly. In fact it will determine our Reality, the Reality that we will manifest for ourselves and for the generations after us.  The Creative Force of the Divine Feminine is behind us and Divine Mother has prepared the best of the Fifth Dimensional Octave for us to land into. If only we would heed her guidance and trust that we are well taken care of; if only we ask to be guided and directed above our own expectations and beyond our limitations.

Let us set the intention that every positive thought and idea be accelerated and magnified, without limitation and beyond our expectations.  Let it reach Divine Mother’s highest expectation for us. Let us set the intention to enhance the presence of Divine Feminine on Earth and increase the impact exponentially. We will be the first to benefit from this exponential gain. That Creative Force will move us out of corruption and lead us to the Perfection.

The Original intent in the Divine Plan was that we would experience Perfection, love, truth, and happiness. That also means raising the Five Elements to their Perfected State.  We set those intentions and magnify them with Divine Mother’s help. She has specifically asked us to create a Grid around Earth calling upon Sanat Kumara to magnify the impact of the Grid Matrix of Earth and provide a Shield of Protection and Prosperity for Earth and all souls. Also to accelerate the impact of our entry into the Fifth Dimensional Octave and our landing at the highest and best point to create a perfect reality for ourselves, our loved ones, Earth and all souls. Let us begin exercising this meditational Grid until Dec. 21/2012 and beyond for greater impact. We add our strength and stamina to Divine Mother in all her Aspects for the best outcome. We stand together for a bright, prosperous and happy future for all under the reign of the Divine Light.


Grid of Light for a prosperous and happy future extending beyond 12/21/2012

Great Silent Watcher is a great Cosmic Being who held the idea for this entire Solar System in her heart until it became manifest. She is of gigantic proportions.   Her Scepter is her power object; with it she empowers those whom she favors, bestowing Fearlessness, Divine Power and Protection. She sends her Signature Energy, a Turquoise Blue colored Light from her body and her Scepter.

Visualize the Great Silent Watcher standing in front of you.  She beams her Turquoise Blue Light to your entire body. See all your Chakras filling with the Turquoise Blue Light. This Turquoise Blue Light fills your body and your Chakras, and then it expands out to create a bubble, a Cocoon of about ten feet in diameter around you, holding your Five Body System within.  Imagine that a Seven Pointed Star in Turquoise Blue Colored Light begins to form above your head, on top of this Cocoon and another Seven Pointed Star below your feet, at the bottom of the Cocoon. Great Silent Watcher is also sending this same Turquoise Blue Light from her Cosmic Heart/Personal Heart Chakras to your Cosmic/Personal Heart Chakras.

Now visualize that Divine Mother comes to stand to your right.  She takes your right hand.  She is in her ceremonial robes beaming her Copper Gold Light to you.  Now see to your left, holding your left hand,Lady Quan Yin bedecked in her white robes, beaming her Pure White Light.  Quan Yin is the Goddess and Patron of Compassion, the Quality of Compassion, the Energies of Compassion, and she sends to you the Energies of Compassion in layers of Dusty Pink, Vibrant Pink, Fuchsia Pink and Golden Pink Light. 

Now visualize Goddess of Victory comes forth and places 7 Aspects of herself in the Seven Directions.   Goddess Victory is beaming Yellow Gold, Pewter and Platinum Lights to you.  One Aspect of Victory stands in front of you, one behind you, one to your right, one to your left, one above you, one below you and an Aspect of Victory within you.  Since Victory is much larger than you, you may see her engulfing and over-lighting you.  All Seven Aspects of Victory are beaming her Lemon Yellow, Platinum, and Pewter colored Lights to you, the Qualities of Victory, the Lights of Victory.

We now call 144,000 Silent Watchers to come and make circles upon circles around us, holding their Scepters and beaming Turquoise Blue Light to create Turquoise Blue Bubble of Light, with you in the center.

Now we invite 10 Billion Angelic Watchers to come forth. With their entire bodies they form a cocoon of Turquoise Blue Light around the outside of this Grid.  Imagine a huge Cocoon of Turquoise Blue Light encasing the Blue Bubble, holding this entire entourage within. You stand in the middle; Divine Mother to your right, Quan Yin to your left, Victory in the Seven Directions around you, the Silent Watchers in circles, and the Great Silent Watcher magnifying the impact with her gigantic Scepter of Power. Imagine a bright Blue Star shining over your Eighth Chakra – just above your head and another shining over your Earth Crust Chakra, just below your feet.    All of these Beings are Female Beings.  They are holding you within the Energies of the Divine Feminine.  Great Silent Watcher’s Turquoise Blue Light contains theQualities of Protection, Fearlessness and Divine Power. 


Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, Embodying the Divine Feminine and filling the Grid

Now we invite Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara is our Planetary Logos. He came to save planet Earth millions of years ago and has been the Planetary Logos since then. His consciousness over-lights the entire planet – or so it should. Sanat Kumara has been residing on our sister planet, Venus, for the past several thousand years because of the density and the lower vibration of our planet and because of all the negativity surrounding the consciousness of all souls. His Presence, therefore, has been felt less and less over time and his over-lighting powers have been less prominent on this planet as of late.   It is the job of the Planetary Logos to hold the planet within his protective shell, the protection Grid System which he places around the planet. This Grid System illuminates the consciousness of all beings on the planet, all species on the planet, to all people places things and all kingdoms and hierarchies.

Divine Mother has stated: “One of the most important changes that needs to take place on behalf of Earth- a change that will impact every iota of every Soul’s Being – from the smallest of species to the largest- is the Energies of the Planetary Logos. The Fuchsia Pink Light of the Planetary Logos provides a Shield around the planet.  It provides that Shield to remove the existing corruption and to deflect external corruption from entering into Earth and penetrating the consciousness of all souls.  The Fuchsia Pink Light of the Planetary Logos will transmute the corruption that has penetrated into the Five Elements, as well as the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Bodies of human souls, animals, plants, and minerals.” 

Envision that Sanat Kumara stands directly in front of you. He is bedecked in his ceremonial robes of Fuchsia Pink and he is bathing you in his Light.  See that from his Personal Heart Chakra he is sending a Ball of Fuchsia Pink Light to your heart; then it bounces back to his heart, to be magnified and return to your heart. You will experience this pulse in and out of your heart; back and forth between you and Sanat Kumara. This Fuchsia Pink Ball of Light will continue to pulse between his heart and yours throughout this session.


The Shield of the Planetary Logos

Divine Mother has requested that we invoke Sanat Kumara and request the reinstatement of his Shield of Protection and Prosperity around the planet. We are his subjects; he is obliged to do as we request of him, if our intentions are pure and beneficial for all.

See that Goddess of Victory is holding Sanat Kumara in her Over-lighting Presence, showering the Light of Victory upon him.  Envision Great Silent Watcher holding Sanat Kumara in her Turquoise Blue Light, offering him her empowerment: and see the 144,000 Silent Watchers and the 10 Billion Angelic Watchers, all holding their Scepters and magnifying the intentions for the return of Sanat Kumara’s Shield of Protection, Prosperity and the awakening of all souls to his presence; the release of Corruption from the Five Elements, the bodies of all souls and the consciousness of the entire planet.

The Divine Feminine Light now surrounds you and Sanat Kumara.  Feel that you are saturated with the Energies of the Divine Feminine. See that Sanat Kumara also is fully embodying the Energies of the Divine Feminine, as you feel the pulse of the Fuchsia Pink Ball of Light moving from his heart to yours and back again.

Now imagine that our petition to Sanat Kumara has been accepted.

He will now carry out an exercise to reinstate his Shield of Protection and Prosperity around the planet. This Shield carries the consciousness of Sanat Kumara and transfers his love, Light, and blessing to all people, places and things.

Imagine that Sanat Kumara is now standing with his Scepter of Power held above his head, beaming his Fuchsia Pink Light outward.  His entire body is now illuminated with Fuchsia Pink Light and a Pillar, a shaft of Fuchsia Pink Light, is erected right in front of you where he stands. It begins to expand, getting much wider and extending down to the center of Earth and going up into the heavens above.

Imagine a miniature sized globe representing Planet Earth, now forming above your head, inside the Dome of Turquoise Blue Light. Great Silent Watcher is sending her Turquoise Blue Light to the globe. Goddess Victory is holding her Torch and filling her Triple Light of Lemon Gold, Platinum and Pewter.  The Silent Watchers are magnifying the Energies of the Great Silent Watcher and the Angelic Watchers are magnifying it even further and also bringing it to the Lower Realms, all the way to this Third Dimensional Reality.

Sanat Kumara’s Shaft of Fuchsia Pink Light is now encircling the entire miniature globe, which is suspended above our heads, and forming the shield as we stand as witnesses.  Now with Divine Mother and all of the Great Cosmic Female Beings’ grace and blessings, the Energies of Sanat Kumara can once again be made more prominent on Earth.  His Light can be ignited on Earth, surrounded with the Divine Feminine Light. From our hearts let us all invite and welcome Sanat Kumara back to shower us with his love for each one of us and for this planet.

Now envision that you hold your own Scepter of Power above your head and magnify Sanat Kumara’s Energy. Envision that Divine Mother and Quan Yin hold their Scepters of Power above their heads, magnifying Sanat Kumara’s Shield. Seven Aspects of Victory multiply the impact with their Torches. Imagine one Aspect of Victory above this miniature sized globe,one below, one to the left, one to the right, one in front, one behind and one over-lighting within and around the globe.

Divine Mother tells us: “Ultimately, when you have everything in place, you will be seeing a Grid Matrix.  The crossing points of the Grid Matrix have Fuchsia Pink Light illuminated; even the lines themselves have the Fuchsia Pink Light of the Planetary Logos.  The more you imagine it fully illumined in your mind’s eye, the better the impact. And to magnify it further, see the entire globe immersed in the Fuchsia Pink, bathing in Turquoise Blue Light of Protection from the Great Silent watcher.  Think of it as a holographic image.  The Turquoise Blue Light is permeating while the Grid Matrix is illuminated with   the Fuchsia Pink Shield of Sanat Kumara. The entire body of Sanat Kumara has become a huge Pillar of Fuchsia Pink Light.  This Pillar is sending the Fuchsia Pink Light upward to the miniature sized planet and downward to the actual Core of Earth beneath your feet. Everyone in this Grid of Light is holding their Scepters up and magnifying Sanat Kumara’s Fuchsia Pink Shield around the Grid Matrix and magnifying the pulsing Turquoise Blue Light of the Great Silent Watcher.

Divine Mother requests that we perform this exercise for 33 days to fully anchor it. 33 is the number for manifestation. Earth’s number is 33; it also is the number that relates to the Creative Force.  Three is the number of the Creative Force.  Divine Mother’s numbers are three and nine.

We have every reason to do it even longer, if at all possible, for the entire rest of this year and into the New Year.  Even after we land inside the best of the Fifth Dimensional Portal, we will benefit from its impact, enabling us to serve in an even more magnificent way. Meanwhile, please know that doing it once and becoming aware of its presence will also be of great benefit to you. Please share this Meditational exercise with as many people as you desire. Freely post it on websites and egroups. This is another way you will be of service.

May you receive eternally in Light, love and joy, this month and every month.

So it is.

© FAGU 2012



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