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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Bring the Whole of who you Are to God

Bring the Body, Mind, emotions and Ego
And Place them in the Light of the Alter of truth.
Bring them to the Chalice as an offering of your Life.
And Let the Light Allow you to see
All of Who you Are with Nothing Hidden.

Stand naked in the Love
that can Accept the Whole of Who you are to God.

Have the Great Compassion to understand
That your Life and all that you have created,
Will never be perfect.
Yet, without judgment,
Without separation,
You can bring your self
To engage your life and all of Who you Are with God.
You can offer all of what you are to the Divine Presence.
And you can choose to accept your self,
Your ego, and the whole of your life to Serve god.

You can allow the imperfections to be a part of the Divine Condition.
Which is Not all perfect.
Not all evolved to the same level of Consciousness.
Yet all still, children of God.
All here searching for Love and Acceptance.

So accept the Human Condition.
Accept that the ego wishes to Judge and separate.
But choose the Heart’s Compassion.
Choose to Understand.
Choose to serve and seek God enough that you can Forgive,
You can accept, and you can Let the Light Guide you to the
Perfect place of Peace, where it is all right, as it is, to
Just Be the Whole of Who you are.
So that you may embrace life’s Divine Creation
As you embrace God’s Love.

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