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Ancient Egypt, Edgar Cayce, & the lost Lands of Atlantis

Atlantis, Cayce, & The Artifacts

An Excellent Series, Provided to "Us" By: Our "Friends @SetYouFreee

In conjunction with George Noory of Coast To Coast Radio AM

Involving the hidden underground chambers beneath the Giza Complex of Ancient Egypt

Funded by Cayces ARE Foundation....& just released today 4/29/2010 in total in the following YouTube presentation. So, here is the first one in 'the series:

Followed: By the 'Official' description by SetYouFreee:

SetYouFreee April 29, 201022 July 2009
Expert on the American prophet Edgar Cayce, Greg Little discussed new discoveries in the search for Atlantis, mounds in ancient America, as well as findings in Egypt. He related the research of
British science writer Andrew Collins who found an opening into a cave complex that extends underneath Giza, Egypt. Collins has concluded that the pyramids on the Giza Plateau correlate to the
constellation Cygnus, rather than Orion, as other researchers have claimed.

Little shared some of Edgar Cayce's readings on Atlantis, and talked about the organization A.R.E. built around his work. Cayce believed Atlantis was a large empire that stretched from the Straits
of Gibraltar to the Gulf of Mexico. Its inhabitants were able to generate electricity by focusing the sun's rays through crystals, and had flying machines, elevators, submarines, and hi-tech house
s. Their civilization, Cayce said, suffered three great cataclysms-- in the years 50,000 BC, 28,000 BC, and 10,000 BC. He also thought they kept an archive of their knowledge, the now hidden Hall
of Records.

Little talked about some intriguing underwater structures photographed off Bimini (see article below) that he's been researching. These remnants might have been buildings from a booming maritime
port from around 10,000 BC, he said. He also touched on his work finding crashed planes in the Bermuda Triangle, and his long term study of Native American mounds, some of which date back as far
as 3800 BC. Where some of these ancient mound builders came from is a complete mystery, he noted.

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