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Angelina Jolie's Double Mastectomy – A Decision That Never Needed to be Taken

To accompany my YouTube video on addressing this drastic decision by Angelina Jolie I’d like to share my own perspective and some truth, knowledge and awareness here, to support my position.

It seems there are two avenues of perception around Angelina’s decision, the first that this came from her fear of getting cancer as her mother had done and subsequently died from. That she had been convinced by the medical profession, that she held the right internal conditions in her genes for cancer to happen and desiring to live to see her own children grow up, she made the decision to opt for preventative double mastectomy surgery.

The second perception, is that the company who conducted the test (whom I am not referencing here as I do not desire to give them advertising) is in fact about to go for their patent approval and by collaborating with Angelina and the publicity; would secure their licensing and a trillion dollar income for the pharmaceutical industry.

In the Journal of the American Medical Association Dr. Barbara Starfield wrote an article revealing that from conservative estimates, the practice of medicine is the third leading cause of death in the United States. However, there is a more recent study by Gary Null (see his book – Death by Medicine). He found that rather than being the third leading cause of death, it is the first leading cause with over three-quarters of a million people dying from medical treatment each year.
Only Angelina Jolie, knows the truth of her decision and I fully respect her on this. However…This is a decision based on misperception, false information and a decision that never needed to be taken.

Let me elaborate. Where those in the pharmaceutical industry use ‘science’ to create fear based perceptions, it is in fact science that is revealing the ‘truths’ and showing how much dangerous misinformation is still being churned out within the established medical profession.

We have esteemed cellular biologists such as Bruce LiptonEric WieschausSandra Schmid andMartin Lee Chalfie; along with physicists such as Nassim Haramein and Konstantin Korotkov, proving and verifying through clinical trials that not only do our cells take their signal from our beliefs, that our DNA also changes with our beliefs.

Through the field of Epigenetics, it has been proved that our DNA does not bring through hereditary traits such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis or alzimers. Our DNA adapts and changes to our internal environment, it does not react to our external environment.

Epigenetics shows us that all the genes are present in all the cells, so that the skin and the liver and the eye are genetically identical and contain the entire makeup of the human genome. But at any one point a tissue might utilize only 10 percent or sometimes 20 percent of its gene complement.
The genes that a tissue does not need, or should not express, are specifically turned off by these epigenetic mechanisms, while the other genes that the tissue needs to continue to express are protected from this silencing.

Cellular biologist know that moving your body from one environment to another alters the composition of the ‘culture medium,’ the blood. The chemistry of the body’s culture medium determines the nature of the cell’s environment within you. The blood’s chemistry is largely impacted by the chemicals emitted from your brain. Brain chemistry adjusts the composition of the blood based upon your perceptions of life.

So this means that your perception of any given thing, at any given moment, can influence the brain chemistry, which, in turn, affects the environment where your cells reside and controls their fate. In other words, your beliefs and perceptions have a direct and overwhelmingly significant effect on cells.

Dr Bruce Lipton mentions how this can affect cancer ‘What that means is that your mind will adjust the body’s biology and behavior to fit with your beliefs. If you’ve been told you’ll die in six months and your mind believes it, you most likely will die in six months. That’s called the nocebo effect, the result of a negative beliefs, which is the opposite of the placebo effect, where healing is mediated by a positive beliefs.’

So when we react to our external environment or to false perceptions based on false information, we literally can alter our cellular and DNA structure.

Now turn that around…With truth, knowledge and awareness, we can reprogramme the fear based conditioning within our subconscious programming, through changing the internal environment within the body by changing our beliefs. This however requires us to let go of negative charges in our cellular memories.

You see, the subconscious programming society has subjected us to over millennia, creates fear based conditions of low self worth, not being able to love yourself or not acknowledging your value.This is imprinted as negative charges within our cellular memory (it is scientifically verified water imprints memory and the human body is made up of 75% water) which gets passed through from mother to child, generation after generations, until the internal work of releasing it is done.

All the mainstream medical industry is doing is dealing with symptoms of what they term as disease, when dis-ease is actually a physical manifestation of resistance within the body. To get to the root cause of dis-ease requires the internal works on cellular memories, in their release, the body automatically restores to pure and natural health.

Had the medical profession used this approach with Angelina Jolie, the harsh decision to remove both of her breast, was a decision that never needed to be taken.

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