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Ascension is basically a change in the focus of consciousness. It is the natural, on-going evolutionary process of all Creation. As eternal, spiritual beings, we were created by The Creator to expand through experience. When we choose to incarnate in the dense, physical, third dimension, we descend. We come to Earth again and again in order to experience, learn, and master this most difficult of dimensions with unconditional love. This choice greatly accelerates our spiritual evolution. The problem is, we get bogged down in materiality, thinking that it is our total reality. We forget that we come into incarnation in order to return to the spiritual realms with added wisdom and experience. That is what Ascension is all about. This is our goal.

All life is ascending . . . the plants, the rocks, the animals, each in its own time in its own individual way. The Earth, as a living being, is also ascending. It is happening according to the Divine Plan whether we know about it or not. Only the resistance to this process is painful.

This natural evolutionary process can be greatly assisted by consciously choosing to commit to our personal ascension. Our personal awareness and choice is so important. Spirit will never force us to accept love, joy, and inner peace. Our free will choice is always honored. By ending our resistance, we can move rapidly forward without the pain and struggle so often associated with human life.

In past ages, ascension occurred after the death of the physical body. When souls decided to plunge totally into the dense realm of matter, they found they needed many human bodies to spiritualize physical form. When too many mistakes were made in one body and it was exhausted, the body was discarded. A period of rest was experienced without the body, then a new body was selected to allow a fresh start. Memory of other incarnated mistakes was blotted out, not as a punishment, but as a gift of beginning again, without entanglements, to meet the challenge of spiritualizing the physical body. The soul, of course, retained the memories. As more and more of the soul is incorporated into the consciousness, "remembering" past experiences becomes easier.

This process of reincarnation has progressed far enough for the proportion of spirit to matter within the body to improve considerably. Now it is possible for people to ascend with the physical body, no longer needing to leave it behind.


Earth is in the process of elevating in vibration. This process is known as ascension. The process of ascension involves many stages of initiations or tests, and as each test is passed, the body or planet increases in vibration. Humanity, the dolphin and whale communities, along with the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are well under way in their ascension process.

Ascension is about growth of the Soul and expansion of our consciousness. It is about accepting full responsibility for everything we think and do. It is about falling in love with ourselves and about releasing all those fears that inhibit the full expression of who we are. Ascension is about regaining our self-respect in the full knowledge that we are magnificent beings of Light who know the power of love and who live every moment of every day by that principle. It is about actively being in service to that principle and therefore able to love those who hate us, knowing that there is no such thing as an enemy. It is about seeing everyone, no matter who they are, as part of ourselves and therefore, to be revered in the same way that we revere ourselves, regardless of their behaviour towards us.


Many people have noticed the strange changes in weather patterns occurring all over our planet, but they are minor compared to the cosmic and spiritual changes happening not only to the Earth, but to all the levels of life upon the planet.

Life as we know it is rapidly changing, and we are fast running out of time.

Life exists throughout the universe in physical and non-physical forms and many visitors from these other civilizations are on hand to assist us through the great changes about to take place on our planet. These loving and intelligent beings are here to assist in keeping the energies in balance, and to assist humanity and the earth in the ascension process.


The planet itself is ascending to a higher level of vibration. By concentrating our energies on ascending rather than survival, we will be doing a great service for the planet that has served us so well, not to mention our own evolution.

All of the plant, animal, mineral, dolphin and whale kingdoms have made the intention to ascend with the Earth. Only humanity is still in the dark.

Our consciousness has been in the dark for so long, that just the thought that this could be possible takes a bit of getting used to!

Everything consists of vibrations - including your body and the earth you live on. Take for instance, the physical properties of a piece of ice. The only difference between ice, water and steam is in their various vibrational rates - i.e., the speeds at which the electrons orbit the nucleus of each atom. By heating up the ice you raise it's vibrational rate until you can hardly see it. That doesn't mean it no longer exists, it just exists at a higher vibration - any higher and you wouldn't see it at all.

A long time ago the Earth existed at a much higher vibration (dimension) than it does today, but events took place that resulted in the Earth and its inhabitants dropping down to a lower vibration - the 3rd dimension - the physical reality we see around us today.

With every decrease in vibration/dimension, humanity lost more and more consciousness (and lifespan) until they forgot who they were, and why they were here. They even forgot that they were part of a greater whole. We have existed in a 'loop' pattern for thousands of years thinking we are the most important species in the universe - the pinnacle of evolution. The same patterns are played out over and over again, generating wars, drama, disease and karma. Even 'death' as we know it is unknown on higher dimensions. We have lost our ability to regenerate and repair our bodies so we just get old and die. And because we don't live long enough to understand who we really are, we have to re-incarnate - i.e., be reborn into another body time and time again until we remember who we are and why we are here.

What if we were given the help, energy and information to once again learn how to raise our vibrations to the point where we no longer were kept in the dark? Where our intuitive powers were restored, where we could regenerate our bodies, and graduate from the fear-based world we live in, to a world of unconditional love and co-operation? What we are talking about is our own world existing at a higher vibration than it does now, populated by those of us who have also raised our consciousness vibration high enough to live upon the new earth. That is what ascension is - a return up the vibrational/dimensional scale.


The energy is now available for those who want to ascend to do so, it's just that some of the information on 'how' to do it has been lost or hidden.

Those humans who are leading the way in the ascension process are actually 'mapmaking' - acting as pathfinders for others to follow. They have to retrieve missing genetic information that tells the body how to change it's cells into a 'crystalline' form that can begin to hold a higher vibration (hence all the channelings about DNA). They are then sharing the information or making it available on an etheric level for others to use in their ascension. Consequently, it will become easier for newly awakened humans to ascend.

Apart from the 'intention' to ascend, there's a lot of personal issues and karma that will need to be addressed and worked through as part of the ascension process. Those who decide to take this path must be prepared to take personal responsibility for themselves, their thoughts and behaviour. It also means a gradual letting go of people, situations and lifestyles that we have come to take for granted in the 3rd dimension.

What if we choose not to ascend?
After earth ascends, living on this planet will no longer be an option for entities still attached to third dimensional consciousness. They will be reincarnated onto another 3rd dimensional planet to continue their individual evolution.


Ascended Masters are people who have mastered 3rd dimensional reality, and therefore leave 3rd dimensional form to pursue endeavours upon the dimensions of life-forms that exist beyond the 3rd dimension. In a similar manner, Earth has finalized her experience in the 3rd dimension, and is now striving to embody a fifth dimensional vibration as a whole, and become a Global Ascended Master herself. Ascension brings forth the gradual change of Earth's biology, each species working together to ascend at a parallel pace. At this time, each species upon Earth is moving up in vibration in parallel to Earth thus matching her overall increasing global vibration.
Embrace the dark

Human ascension is difficult. There is not doubt about this. It is difficult because one must face their dark side, and their deepest fears. The heart must open to ascend. This is a necessity, and one must ask for it or it may not occur. Sometimes, the opening of the heart is emotionally painful. However, as the pain is processed in full, it leaves joy, passion, unity and divine union in its place. There is no other way than through the dilemma of the human fall in consciousness. Ascension cannot occur without processing and releasing that which no longer serves, including the pain and the fear.

It is through the act of ascending that one will embrace a new awareness that is unity based. Unity based awareness holds no thought-form of destruction, and therefore destructive tendencies are transcended in full as one embraces such awareness. The path of ascension is difficult, the distortions many, the veils of illusion so thick that it is difficult for most in human form to see beyond them. But for those that are willing to see and push past the illusion, you shall be supported.


At this time, all species except mankind have chosen to ascend. Such species include all plant kingdoms, all animal kingdoms, all mineral kingdoms, and the dolphins and whales which are conscious beings. As Earth increases to a high vibration (and the human form does not also increase in vibration), the higher vibration of Earth's surface will cause the meridians of the subtle bodies to become blocked. This will simply be the result of too much chi running through subtle bodies that are not designed to receive so much chi. As the meridians become blocked, disease will occur within the form over time.


When you evolve to an evolutionary stage that is a higher vibration of love, then you are no longer aware of fear and conflict. You are not living in that world. It may be explained as disappearing; it may be explained as a split in your awareness or planet. When a moment arrives where there are enough points of consciousness on your planet - and this will not just be humanity; this will also be your animals, your plants, all life forms - when there is enough points of consciousness that go beyond the vibration of conflict and fear, then they separate into a new nucleus. A critical mass will have been achieved.

When you free yourself of fear, you cannot be in the vibration of fear because it is not in you. So, when that moment of critical mass consciousness comes, then there is enough focused consciousness to hold and sustain the creation of a world, as you know it to be. That is the split or rapture, as some may know it to be. It becomes impossible to interact with the lower vibration of fear at that point. The range of vibration is too wide.


It is important to realize that many changes will come in the time before this new era dawns. Your conception of time will almost stand still. Time will go at different rates. Sometimes, you may feel that many hours have passed when only a minute has passed. You will be entering different dimensional frequencies. You will be in other vibrational frequencies where the concept of time will be different. This will be only one of many experiences that you will have as your body and mind begin to accelerate toward a new dimensional frequency. You will begin to "see" time differently.

You are moving to a new level of existence and your being is working in new ways. You will feel, at times, "out of sync" with clocks and other tools that are used to measure the passing of liner time. These experiences are happening for many reasons. Simply relax and allow yourself to have these experiences without creating great concern about them. Know that they are part of a new emergence of energy, shifts in the magnetic fields of Earth. All these energy shifts are working to bring a new dimensional frequency into the space that you occupy You'll feel in two places at the same time. Part of you will be feeling as third dimensional, and another part will be feeling the higher level of dimensional frequency.

You'll be in a unique position that hasn't occurred for many, many centuries upon this planet. The energy of matter is being stepped up and vibrating at a more rapid, refined frequency. This is all part of this dimensional shift. Some people will be on a higher vibrational frequency, and will still be on this plane of existence and functioning in their daily life, while others will be vibrating at much higher rates and gone from this dimension as you perceive it.

Imagine a chair. Those of you that will be vibrating at a higher frequency will still see the chair, and those that are at higher, more extreme variables of higher frequencies will not see the chair at all, but will see in it's place a completely different reality. But in essence, you will both be in the same place. Those who are accelerating more rapidly will physically disappear. Many will leave this planet and physically be gone from this dimensional frequency. Then there will be those vibrating at a higher dimensional frequency who will still be here on the planet.

The consciousness will be different. Those who are resonating on a slightly higher frequency, will still be here upon the planet, experiencing the joy, the oneness, the beauty and the higher frequencies of this dimension. You will be experiencing life as bliss, feeling much of the God-centred unity that exists on the higher realms, but you will still be here, functioning within the body. Going to the mall and the library and other activities will still be part of your existence.

This new age, this new era, this new level of consciousness, this new way of functioning offers these two potentials of functioning for many humans. You may feel like leaving this level of functioning completely or you may wish to stay and experience the oneness and the unity, the Divine Christ consciousness. Please note that it is not the choice of your conscious mind to make. It is the choice of the totality of all the aspects of yourself to make. For now, you presently exist on many dimensional frequencies other than this life where you are perceiving this communication. You are many beings, many thoughts and many existence's all happening as "now". It will be as a harmonious aspect, as an experience of unification of all of these aspects of yourself, that will either know that it is time to accelerate to a much faster vibration or whether you may experience harmony and unity within all your selves and remain here in a slightly faster vibrational frequency.

Eventually, within a long space of time, all beings will be at much higher levels of functioning. This is an individual experience. Some will walk into another dimension faster than others. Each will be in their own state of harmony with themselves and their transformation. You'll be doing exactly what is right for all the aspects of yourself. It's a harmony of your subconscious, your inner child, and your Oversoul - the combined aspects of yourself living other lives in other time frames, dimensions, galaxies, and universes. These are the aspects of yourself that you are not consciously aware of as you live your life in this reality you call life on Earth.

All these will be in agreement, as they might not be at this moment. All these aspects will harmonise and be brought to a state of oneness. You may literally vibrate out of this reality, or you may stay here and enjoy a more refined, harmonious aspect of existence here. You will not consciously realize or choose which aspect of existence you will live in. The choice will be made on a higher soul level. Know that either way, this will be very beautiful. It is an experience of coming closer to the Godhead. Either way you are growing closer to this energy. You may be taking a large leap or a smaller step. You are coming closer to experiencing, in manifestation, that Divine Essence that you are, and which you are a part of - that you have always been a part of.

This is an end to the feelings of separation, an end to the feeling that you are not united with the Divine God Essence. Know that all is working harmoniously, in every aspect of your being. All that you are hoping for, all that you are feeling budding within yourself, will be brought forth with great ease.
Know that all the aspects of yourself are choosing the correct experience for you.

It has not to do with more evolved or less evolved, it has to do with what is right for you!

The term "God" has been very over used and under experienced. And what is coming is just that; an enhanced, improved, energised experience of God. It will be a feeling, a sensing, a knowing, not an intellectual idea. God is not something you can read in a book, it is a knowing of what is already known. This is the new dimension of existence that is coming to you. As you grow and expand, you will feel great peace about your decisions and you will have total acceptance of your new experiences. At first there may be confusion and what seems to be lack of structure. Familiar landmarks may disappear. Structures that have given you security will leave, and be replaced simply with feelings of knowing.

This is a great blessing and honour to be in manifestation and to bring this forth now. It is the birthing of the new existence to come.

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