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Audio Transmission: #2 Rite of Divine Will ~ Children of the Sun




Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation Presents...  



The Rite of Divine Will

2. The Rite of Divine Will 

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The Rite of Divine Will  



Congratulations Planetary Light Servers. We now stand before the second gateway on our collective journey towards Self Realization. The holy demonstration of Right Relationship in our first Rite has effectively set the stage for our greater merging with the supreme motivational energy of Divine Will.

The Law of the Will of God

Behind all of universal creation, there is an immanent force of Will that administers it, a Divine Power that moves it and a natural law that regulates it. Everything upon our blessed Earth has always been and continues to be divinely orchestrated through this power of Will.
There have never ever been any mistakes. Everything has unfolded in accordance with God's Plan, the Divine Blueprint which maps out the course of evolution for all creation.
The human race has never ever "fallen from Grace".
These are stories which come from purposed programming. We have always been the beloved children of God, reflections of the infinite perfection inherent in the Holy Spirit. We simply turned our attention outwardly to the material plane of the ego in order to have an experience in duality. God has never abandoned us because, in the absolute truth,  we are God in physical form.
As a result of our Divine Remembrance, the programming of separation is now dissolving.
It is through the Universal Law of God's Will that what is Human is also Divine, and therefore, all Humanity is evolving forth in a triumphant return to Source. God is the manifestation of all Good, and it is by this influence of the Supreme Good that all things exist and evolve. 
God comes now to take us home, back into the eternal embrace of oneness. We are ensured of accomplishment. We are realizing ourselves as a God Race, once again.
The initiation of this sacred fusion begins now, in this particular Rite, building steadily throughout the entire Rites of Passage as we come to embody the Will of God to greatly expanded levels. This sets into motion a potential raising of our entire group body into the fully actualized embodiment of Divine Will in action here on Earth.

Through this Rite, we invoke and evoke the fiery energy from a fused Spiritual Will to provide the neutralizing antidote to its opposing shadow... the tenacious will to divide and separate. When properly focused, our group power of embodied Will invokes the benevolent forces of Divine Intervention into our every single endeavor.

Our task moving forward is to radiate and exemplify this Will through its agent of "Good" to all people, governing entities and societal systems. Our collective intention is to spawn a worldwide spiritual revelation resulting in a coherently functioning Goodwill movement... amongst all people, from every level and walk of life.

In fundamental simplicity, it is the intentional program of GOODWILL that catalyzes a greater consciousness shift en masse and helps to birth the era of lasting global peace.

Goodwill is God's Will. 





















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