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Audio Transmission: #8 Rite of Equanimity ~ Children of the Sun


Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation Presents...  

The Rite of Equanimity


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This is also the unified focus for the Planetary Grid Transmissions 
this New Moon TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Tuesday, November 13.






The Rite of Equanimity  



All evolutionary development is based on the resolution of karma in our planetary system until we reach this initiation. 


This is the phase in which we authentically enter into the "peace that passeth understanding", potentially leaving behind all suffering as we transcend the last vestiges of personal selfishness. 

Equanimity is our real nature. It is realized from the remembrance and understanding of the One Consciousness at play in the weavings of our daily life. 

It is through Equanimity, combined with intuition and synchronicity as our guide, that we are able to navigate the choppy waters of the material plane with grace and ease. With an attitude of indifference, we are unattached to outcomes and focus only upon the task at hand.


In this Rite, we are learning to serve through mental detachment as stilled instruments of peace. This initiation helps us to live our daily life from the Absolute Reality.
This initiation is the point of truly realizing the eternal moment as the past, present and future existing as one. In this field of expanded perception, all becomes possible. We make the choice to surrender the "past" as a living imprint in favor of the all encompassing Now.





Planetary Grid Transmissions ~ This New Moon Tuesday


Unified Focus ~ Living Life in the Absolute Reality




Absolute Equanimity


Through embodied Equanimity, we are calmly living our life in the Absolute Reality of the One Consciousness.


This One Consciousness, that exists in and through everything, IS the Universal Consciousness.... that which we refer to as God.


This Universal Consciousness is also referred to as... THAT.


This consciousness individualized is referred to as... I AM.


When the two are LINKED the result is THAT I AM.




There is only one identity, one entity of which we are a part.


THAT is the truth.


THAT I AM is this truth in each of us.


Remembrance of THAT I AM is the realization.





We are One Consciousness 


We are connected to every thing through a highly attuned field of energy which contains the perfected blueprint for all existence.


All life is a collection of pulsating charges that are simply repeating patterns.


The same particles of energy, over and over, one Being constantly reforming itself.


Everything is a reflecting the One Consciousness of life.


Peaceful, calm, and steady. This is the unattached nature of life.


Just flowing in the rhythm of the One Consciousness at play.







Living in the Absolute Reality


Each and every day, let's feel ourselves to be one with this awareness.


The one observing and the one being observed.


We are simply a witness, accepting everything just as it is.


We are not for or against anything, just neutral towards everything that is not of this pure awareness.


We are neutral to everything that is of the temporary world, holding no emotional charge.


When we detach, we come home to the REAL.








The NOW Moment IS the Divine Reality


This moment is all that exists, that has ever existed, or ever will exist... right now.


All is possible in this moment. Everything is available to us instantaneously.


This is the changeless, this is the REAL.


"Pure awareness"... even, steady, calm and neutral.


We create from this space.






      Attention Grid Transmitters      



It is through our neutralized awareness that we are able to truly perceive the One Consciousness that pervades all creation. In this state of Equanimity, we can affect great transformation through our presence and attention alone.


During this New Moon, we are radiating these truths to those in need through the benevolent influence of our collective peace commanding presence.


Those of you who are living from the Absolute Reality, please transmit your frequency signature and actualized codes through the Planetary Crystalline Grid.  


Special Sacred Fire Request


We are asking everyone to utilize the following Sacred Fire invocation to co-create a worldwide field of neutralized awareness supported by streams of Divine Harmony and Illumined Peace. (You may use daily if you wish during the Rite of Equanimity)


Beloved Mother-Father God, please anchor a pillar of the Platinum Cosmic Light around the entire planet. Bless this column of divine light with the power to affect spontaneous transformation and revelation in the hearts and minds of all people and all life, everywhere. I command that this pillar of Platinum Light creates and eternally sustains a field of perfect neutralized awareness, so that all may experience the Absolute Reality.


Beloved God I AM, please surge the Emerald Flames of Harmony throughout the planetary Crystalline Grid and the through the consciousness of all people on Earth. Please bring all creation into the full power and affect of Divine Harmony, balancing and stabilizing all currents of energy within the Unified Field.


Beloved I AM THAT I AM, I now call forth the Golden Flames of Illumined Peace to blaze through the Earth with the might of a thousand Suns. May the radiant light of true inner peace stream forth to and from the hearts and minds of all people, transforming all into perfect stillness and Pure Awareness. We are Masters of our Peace Commanding Presence.


By and through these mighty streams of cosmic light, may all humanity live in the peaceful knowing of the Eternal Now, moving through this world in perfect Equanimity, in absolute Harmony with the One Supreme Consciousness.





Bright blessings to us all.     





8. The Rite of Equanimity

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