Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

autowriting n°1 - listening to the world crying


don't be fake you're afraid of dark

you search for a sex partner to satisfy

you turn up the lamp because you are afraid

you travel cause you don't find home nowhere

you burn energy through energy comes from the sun

the knoledge of Goodness and Devil was living by night

the knoledge of GaD is hiding sex not for shame but for freezing.  petrol create damage it was something god gave us to cope when the sky will be unclear. don't waste petrol during celebration....mankind is getting old poorer weaker.

Here in Italy in a week's time two or three major earthquakes, much snow, people economy is going to collapse . train gets stuck but extreme behaviours are seen: a sense of deep coperation, laughness, but also much anger violence and fear.

hearth vibrations when the ground is wet is different than when the ground is dry.

extreme behaviours extreme weather conditions economy collapse calls for consumism not green friendly wich increase pollution.

fear of asteroids the gulf current is arresting. water movements condition the earth plasma movements we are approaching the pole shift?   ................noise noise i have to stop for now the voices are not clear anymore..............................

"earth's cry heaven's smile"



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