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Banorte Participates in the Third World Meeting of Human Values and Culture of Lawfulness

On September 8-9 2011, the Third World Meeting of Human Values and Culture of Lawfulness was held in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, with the purpose of creating awareness on “Non-violence: from the inside out”.

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The Dalai Lama and Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Price Laureates and other influential figures, inspired over 93,000 people in 728 cities and 74 countries joining by webcast, and those who attended the meeting in person. The speakers shared their knowledge and experiences, derived from their tireless peace keeping efforts in regions seriously affected by different types of violence.

Conference sessions delved into topics such as the transformation of individuals into citizens, migration, bullying, the need to incorporate imagination in education, compassion as a means to reach inner peace, the work of outstanding women in peace and security projects, and the family as the foundation of our social fabric. Various documentaries were also featured, and panels and workshops with university students were held, to discuss peace- building measures in vulnerable city areas, among many other activities.
Banorte sponsored this impressive event, seeking to disseminate a culture of peace (“from the inside out”). During the event, our BanorteRS social networks published panelist ideas in real time.
Furthermore, reflections were made reasserting the fact that compassion, community art, civic work, meditation, imagination and even communicating that which annoys us, are important sources that generate peace. Some of the conclusions were that individuals seeking non-violence solutions should strengthen their inner peace; that to achieve anything, it first has to be imagined; and that since peace-building takes place in a chain reaction, any action –no matter how small- contributes toward making the peace desired a reality.
This September 21, International Peace Day is celebrated. We invite you to participate in the activities different organizations are holding to foster, inform, imagine and disseminate peace, but especially to practice it every day at a personal level and with everyone around you.
“There is no path to peace, the path is peace” A.J. Muste.  


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