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Be Green Packaging & Genji launch sustainable sushi containers on the East Coast with Whole Foods Market

Be Green Packaging and Genji are pleased to announce that we have signed a mutually beneficial packaging and distribution agreement. This agreement is beneficial to both companies, Whole Foods, Whole Foods guests, Genji guests, and the planet!

Together, we are introducing what we think will be the world’s first fiber-based sushi tray line. The trays are made from Be Green’s annually renewable, compostable, tree free bulrush fiber pulp. The lids are made from PET #1. The sushi trays will be offered in three sizes (sm, md, lg) and will match the size and style of the currently used plastic (PS) traditional sushi tray.

Be Green and Genji have been working on this project for well over one year.

Informative educational material, training, and a supported roll out is planned for December & January throughout the entire Genji/WFM area.

Together we can reduce landfill waste and increase the creation of compost! This is also a great step towards reducing our dependence on petroleum-based packaging. Be Green…Live the Color.

Questions/comments please email:

Or call Be Green Packaging’s office at: 805 456 6088

For more information about Be Green Packaging visit:


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