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Be Yourself to Free Yourself: The Art of Just Being

The topic that came to me to discuss for this Newsletter is about ‘just being.’ Most of the time we get caught up with doing, doing, doing that we tend to lose ourselves in the process. Sometimes part of what we are ‘doing’ is trying to force something to happen by means of controlling an outcome in fear that it will not turn out the way we think or expect it should. There can be a lot of effort in this because it is almost like trying to swim against a huge wave; it is going against the natural current flow of the Universe. In this process we stress, get frustrated, worried, feel stuck, beat ourselves up and drown in our expectations of ourselves and the expectations others have for us. Sometimes what we think and what others think is best for us does not even come close to the larger scale of what we can actually have and receive because we did not expand our imaginations far enough or even believe in ourselves even more to think we can get better. We can liberate ourselves now and be open to all the abundance ready to come in, and trust that everything is always working towards our higher good, even if we just can’t see it yet.

If we practice being in the moment and accept what is, instead of trying to make what already is to fit a preconceived idea of what we think it should be, then we can be free of judging ourselves and our journey. Take a moment, maybe now, and just breathe. Feel how it is to just be still. Be with your breathe for a moment. Notice how your body feels. When we can relax into the same moment as the flow of our breath and accept who we are now, we can allow the best to flow and ‘just be’ because we have eliminated a great portion of ‘just doing’ or trying to force something to happen. When we can find ease in just being we can find true inner peace and freedom to express who we really are. 


Practicing Gratitude

For each day, make an intention to notice at least 5 things you are grateful for. There is so much good around us in the present moment that we sometimes can take it for granted or not even see the good because we can be so absorbed in the past or future or we keep thinking and putting our energy on what we have lost or what we do not have. What can help pull ourselves out of this cycle is to start thinking and putting our energy into what we already have now and not only being grateful but feeling grateful for all that we have in this moment. The natural laws of the Universe explain that what we focus on (our thoughts+emotions) expands. If we can feel good about what we have now, we start to automatically generate more of that energy. Our thoughts and feelings about ourselves and our lives are so powerful! We literally are the creators of our own manifestations. We can choose how to distribute our power now by being aware of our actions, reactions, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. The first step to any change starts with awareness. You don’t need to control anything; just being aware will start to shift things. Notice what kind of energies you are putting out into the Universe. Are you feeling sorry for yourself? Are you playing the role of the victim? Start to notice how much of what you think and feel are running you habitually versus you running the show. You always have a choice on how you want to feel in the moment. You are the driver in your life’s journey. Next time you are feeling down, start directing your energy on what is working in your life now and think about what you can be grateful for in this moment. This is powerful stuff, and a little will go a long way, it just takes practice.


Practicing Being In the Moment

We are our own greatest healers and one great way to become aware of ourselves and heal is through meditation. Meditation is a practice of being aware in the moment of your energy field, your thoughts, emotions, actions and feelings. There is no perfect way to meditate; it is about finding the way that works for you to be aware and be still with yourself. It is an act of mindfulness. You can meditate by walking; being conscious of each step, each breath, and being aware of your surroundings and your relations with everyone and everything around you. You can meditate while eating, being aware of your body and each bite and listening to how your body reacts and feels and what it really needs. Regardless of the act you are doing, mindful meditation is mentally being with the action you are doing in that moment versus mentally being detached and thinking or analyzing about something in the past or future. In this practice you align the mind, body, and spirit to connect in the same place and in the same moment so you can be fully aware and present with your inner being and life-force energy. Now that is powerful just thinking about it!

I encourage you to practice being aware and practice mindfulness in whatever it is you are doing. Bring consciousness to your breath, your body, your feelings and emotions, your thoughts, and your actions. If you forget, it is ok! Remember, there is no perfection, just awareness, and the more you notice your habits, the more you are just waking up.

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