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Believe in the power that you hold within You.

For if you do not believe in Yourself

You will not attract those who believe in you.

You will push away and reject those who would believe in you.


So believe in yourself and the life you inhabit.

Believe in the good within you.

This goodness is from God.


And as you believe in this goodness within

You will leave the door open for God’s Love within you.

You will be able to Love the God within as God Loves you.


Open your heart to the precious  Light within you

Let it shine and be seen as the perfect jewel it is.

Believe in this Light from God that you Hold.

And Believe you are worthy to hold it.


You are the light and love of God here on earth.

So be it, to love it and share it.

This Light and Love should not be denied.

Give thanks to God for it

And Believe.

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