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' Better World ' P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E.

HI , it's been a while since we spoke & i hope this finds you in a happy place .

I wish to add a few words to a new song i've posted for you ,...'about the way in which we can perhaps change some of our outcomes .

I recently had some birthday & Christmas money to spend & bought some drum stands for my Sonor drum kits, & also some Lps to add to my library ....
... 'taking comfort that both of these are ' working items ' & will help with ongoing gigs & recordings , bringing in new finance & adding to the beauty of sharing my musical & artistic gifts .

I also gave some money to my Angel Daughters quest , a campaign to raise awareness & support for ( amoung others ) Asthma UK & to reach out to the wider world .

I release her song Eve'rything soon as a CD ep , & hope to achieve as much media - radio - tv - newspapers toward this cause & the beauty of the song . ( Can you help ? )

You can hear a small mp3 version on my page .

Looking back on the recent money i spent i was struck at the difference on how good it felt to give to a place where i don't know the people directly, a place where i may never see or hear the reactions of the recipients,
& yet it feels very ' close ' .

I still & will always love my Drums , & LPs ,...but the word ' perspective '
is becoming eve'r clearer.

Please also enjoy the new song ' Better World ' ,... let me know your comments, .......& do what 'you' can to make it so .

Love , .......... Lloyd *

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Comment by Ernesto Angulo on April 5, 2010 at 2:22pm
How can I get your CD, the songs are great and its good to know it for a GREAT cause. Your friend Ernesto.


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