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Bless Me

Bless Me with your Love, Dear Lord
Bless me with your Understanding

Clear my Head of any Barriers I hold
And Let your Light Bring
The living Love into my Being

Bless me with you Your Grace, Dear Lord
The Grace that Holds the Acceptance
Of the teachings for My Life
For it is with Grace that Your Presence
Can be Alive in my Being

Bless me with your Joy, Dear Lord
And let the Bliss of your Enlightenment
Guide me to see
How each moment is a Miracle Being Fulfilled

Bless Me with Your Words
That I may share your teachings
And that I may Open the Door
to the Way of the One
And that I may be a Channel
of Your Light, Love, Grace and Joy
and that I may Know I AM that I Am.

I humbly Give thanks
from the Depths of my Soul
for these Blessings
And so it is

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