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Books for Prisons really help HABILITATE!

How to Request Sponsors for “Books for Inmates”
Hope this finds you doing well. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered books already. To help get more of our books into jails, prisons, and youth detention centers, we are asking everyone to send e-mails and/or letters to churches, service groups, ministries, and individuals to sponsor a box of books for the inmates in their local correctional facilities.
Below are links to two 1-page files. One is a PDF file of our order form. The other is a Word file with a typical letter requesting funding that you may edit and tailor, to ask churches, service groups, and any group or individual to sponsor a box of books for the inmates in your area. If you prefer to have the files sent to you as attachments, send me an e-mail requesting that.
We can send the books wherever the sponsor desires. If someone wants to sponsor a box of books, but isn’t able to facilitate the distribution, we will contact appropriate staff at that facility who are able and willing to accept the shipment and get the books into the hands of inmates. We don’t tell staff how to distribute the books. Some will place them in various libraries, other will use them in a program, and some even give the books to inmates to keep. We simply trust that the books will get to where there supposed to be. God will take care of it from there.
We welcome your questions, comments, and especially creative ideas to help inspire those incarcerated. Thanks for making a difference.
Continued Blessings,
Co-author "Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul,"
"The Quick and Easy Guide to Project Management,"
"Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul," "Serving Time, Serving Others"
and "Serving Productive Time" available July 1, 2009
Tom Lagana ~~ (302) 475-4825 -- PO Box 7816, Wilmington, DE 19803 ~~
"Tom is a professional speaker, trainer, engineer, consultant, and author
. . . helping people become their best."

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