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.... from my friend Maggie

Good Morning

Today is a brand new day, an empty page that you will write!

I hope that your writing of your page today will be filled with goodness, hope, peace and edification to those around you as well as to self.

During meditations this morning I envisioned a butterfly, with brilliant colored wings, it was on the tip of a flower, perfectly balanced and making way for flight.

Then a hand came and pick up the butterfly rubbing it's precious and delicate wings with the touch of it's fingers. When the fingers released it back to the flower, the butterfly fell, without life to the ground, only a wiggle left of life in her...

My vision was that today, in this day I must enter each life that I touch with great respect and tenderness. That I must go peacefully toward each life and not allow my wonder of it all to touch, but rather to observe and await the flight of that life.

For even in innocence we can touch and take the life from one so frail as the butterfly. Treat each life today with great respect, look, observe and listen, wait for flight and I will be filled with the splendor of what is before me...

May your day, your mind, your spirit be uplifted and richly blessed. May your touch on others around you be the touch of wonderment, respect and peace.....Maggie, smiling from the inside out ...

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