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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

I foresee cashless living when cash is no longer a medium of energy exchange for a living. For all his needs, man merely visits a store and brings home materials for himself and his family. All eco-balanced manufacturing and organic farming is done without involving money. All ingredients needed for such activities are available on just carry home basis since the idea of cash does not exist. Schools, colleges and all higher education are available freely to mankind. There are no boundaries not only between any two territories but also between any properties on micro level. Travel is unrestricted and transport is open to anyone wishing to travel. All one needs is merely board a train or aircraft and reach destination of choice. Since the question of reimbursement does not exist, administrators, along with full work force in every faculty have taken up duty that suit the individual.

As a cashless society, every one lives life naturally with his mind not ever knowing ideas for manipulating, hoarding, security, status, etc. The need for laws does not exist and so do the law enforcement agencies of every type. The word ‘bank’ is non-existent. No one feels dis-eased as the mind is so tranquil and lives in full comfort zone. As a result, need for hospitals and doctors do not arise. Temple, churches and all such places of worship are open to one and all in cashless surroundings, thus the thought of one being better than the other has vanished. Mankind thus is raised to a level of super spiritualism and is able to leave his body by choice.

Since the word ‘hoarding’ is unknown, there is abundance of every type for every one. Poverty, hunger, illiteracy is unknown. Sports are enjoyed in its pure form of pleasure since it is a cashless society.

Let us all daily visualize a ‘lawless’ society in its truest form.

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