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Dealing with Stress? Be More Like Animals


I know people say stress doesn’t do you any good, there is a far more important, energetic reason why remaining in stress will put a complete block on any desires becoming real.

When you resonate from low frequency, you only allow energy to attract back the same low frequency in experiences and opportunities. Just as when you resonate from high frequency you will always attract to you high frequency experiences. So, how do you know what frequency you are resonating at?

We live in an energetic universe and every component is made up of energy. Every cell, molecule and atom of your body is energy that works through vibrational resonance. You see, your cells take their signal from your beliefs, transmit this through the body’s nervous system (your own electrical system) which then determines the frequency you resonate out. Now there is a direct correlation between the emotions that work with your belief and the frequency you resonate out.

What it boils down to, is that low, negative emotions produce low frequency and consequently, high positive emotions produce high frequency. This allows you to be aware of where your frequency is at any given time, as feeling of frustration, irritability, anger and stress all create low frequency to be resonated and expectation, excitement, love and creativity all create high frequency to be resonated.

Now dealing with stress becomes a much more logical process once you begin to understand the frequency it is causing you to generate. There are other more serious reason why you must eliminate stress from your life and this is the effect on your health.
Scientifically, we know that a health body will resonate around 76Hz to 83Hz, what happens as the body frequency begins to lower by your stress levels rising, is that when the body frequency hits between 57Hz to 60Hz the immune system starts to become compromised and inflamed, this then produces colds, flu and illness. Once you reach 42Hz this then activates cancer. There really is a physiological reason to be positive!

That’s all very well once your frequency begins to raise, how though, do you begin that when you are overwhelmed with stress or anger?

Well, I always advise people to look to animals to really get the importance of being in the ‘NOW’. Animals are always aligned to their energy essence, always in high frequency as they live in the moment. It does not matter what happened for them yesterday or a year ago, they only, instinctively live in the ‘right here, right now’ and are always ‘in’ the experience.

This is exactly what we as human being have forgotten, through centuries of social and generational conditioning. Your life has taken on the role of reaction instead of creation. So here are some tips to be more like the animals and move back into beautiful alignment:

  • Get out in nature! -You will never be surrounded by higher frequency, then when you are in nature. So allow yourself time to go for a walk in your local park, woods, forest or even along the beach. Really zone in on what you are witnessing, take time to really ‘see’ the beautiful and majesty of nature. Nature is always in abundance and will naturally raise your frequency.
  • Find your points of appreciation – By daily finding aspects to appreciate, you will allow your frequency to raise. Thus can be something as small as appreciation the comfortable bed you sleep in to a breath taking sunset.
  • Come into the moment and let go of the ‘how’ – This is where you really need to take a leaf from the animals book, creation happens in the moment, there is no future as you are creating it in every second. The past is gone, only there to provide contrast. There is only ‘now’ and when you shift your attention and belief to creating your reality from this point, it allows you to let go of the ‘how’. How everything happens, changes, transmutes, is not your job, it is energy’s role; your role is to put the processes in place to move up to and maintain high frequency where abundance naturally flows!

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