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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

This is the divine name for our work, including earth-healing for all humanity, the healing of water during our seminars as divine gift as a "side effect", or as we call it: the kisses from Angels and Divine Mother.
My Divine name is ASTREA RA and I'm living my soul-destiny out of the core of my divine heart.
2007 I received the honnor to manifest the ONENESS-Retreat, a 3-day retreat of enlightment, offered through the infintive grace of the Divine Mother, including the miracle to be ONE with all that is, by the full presence of Jesus Christ, Metatron, Gabriel, the Archangels and the Elohim. The enlightment of each soul, the total liberation of Karma through all incarnations and dimensions, leading into the experience to be fully centered in the core of the Divine Heart is the most powerful experience for everyone.
Every healing we are giving into the morphogenetic field of humanity for the enlightement of allpeople on earth. After every meditation we are toning the sacred sounds of the heart-tone, as OM - AH - HE which is like un entire earth-sound-healing for humanity, as well as divine nectar for all Angels, Saints and Elohim for joining and guiding us!

Now the next step into the Art of Divine Healing for humanity is the teaching of a new technique to free your subconciousness from "old inutile programms". We are working in the QUANTUM FIELD of the DIVINE MATRIX to be free for manifesting the full power of your Divine Being, your I AM PRESENCE HERE AND NOW! To serve in full Grace the manifestation of the New Divine Plan of Creation - being transmitted to us out of the Grace of Divine Mother - to save this planet Earth for our children, changing it into the Garden of Eden - the Paradise it should be again.
If you'd like, you can visite, soon it will translated... and for the waterproject:, which will be in also 4 languages also(German, English, French, Spanish) from middle of february on.
Two beautiful women - healers are working with me, give us a little bit more time to introduce them!

The next seminare is the 22.01.2010 in Austria, the Lake of the Moon/Mondsee, which is the Female Heart-Chakra!
the next Photo is taken at 10 p.m. up on a mountain/ 1000 m, the anser from Heaven as "Thank You" for Earth-Healing for humankind, it was nighttime, you see below the streetlights from Bozen, Italy.

The other picture is pure Divine Grace, the Manifestation of Divine Light, during an Earth-Healing in Bavaria.

We are working all over the world, if you feel the impuls in your heart to sustain our work and to join us, you are sincerly welcome. If you would like to organize a seminar/Retreat for us, get in contact with us:

May the full power of Grace out of the Heart of Divine Mother sourround you and nourish you all

Love and Light/Enlightment for al humankind
Please join our daily Earth-Healing-Meditation, now for the people in HAITI, every day 7 o'clock p.m. european time!

This photo: Lake of the Moon

Anmeldung Divine Healing Januar 2010.pdf

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Comment by Gabriela Thanner on January 17, 2010 at 9:11am
We are joining in un Earth-Healing-Meditation every day at 7 o'clock p.m. european time for Haiti
please join us! We are ONE with the Grace of Divine Mother, being ONE in the Eternal Source of Light from Divine Father and ONE in the Divne Christ Matrix, together with Metatron, Gabriel, Michael, the Archangels and the Elohim.
Just imaging to surround the planet EARTH in the universe and send the pure Diamond Light from the Center of your Hearts and Hands as pure Healing Energy for HAITI!
Thank you for joining us in LOVE and PURE LIGHT!
ASTREA RA Gabriela


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