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Divine Mother & Christ Maitreya Bring Angels & Elementals ~ 5/5 Gateway Portal Channelling


This is gateway portal channelling 5/5 2011 entitled:

§Divine Mother & Christ Maitreya Bring Angels & Elementals 

To Download Click Here 110505Portal.mp3

Invocation from Jim Foster & Channelling by Nasrin Safai

What will the Masters address in the Group Session?

Unique to the 5/5 Channelling: New Protection Grids for Civil Wars & Middle East to Clear Corruption & Help Stabilize Earth from All the Dross that is Clearing & Dampen Future Natural Disasters & Clearings

  1. The awareness of what is going on from the greater perspective. This will not only keep us informed and involved in the loop, but also provide a framework for understanding our role.
  2. Healing for our weary bodies, minds, emotions and soul and prepare us to lead others into the Light as greater numbers begin to awaken to their spirituality. Clearing and cleansing to our energy bodies from the dross and pain we are picking up from Mother Earth and the sadness and depression experienced and expressed by the Multitudes and Masses throughout the Earth.
  3. A way in which we can use our Light and our service to raise the quotient of Light for ourselves and the planet to establish greater peace and harmony and to free us from all the negativity which is the outcome of the lower vibration.

Topics & Time Stamps for 5/5 Channelling

Divine Mother and Christ Maitreya bring Angels and Elementals

00:00 to 13:52 – Christ Maitreya’s 6 Pointed Star Grid of Light
13:52 to 18:50 – Nasrin’s Prayer
18:50 to 25:30 – Divine Mother begins
25:30 to 39:40 – Angels and Elementals
39:40 to 46:50 – The Story of Mother Earth
46:50 to 58:30 – Sai Babba and Christ Maitreya
58:30 to 1:10:00 – Standing before Christ Maitreya

1:20:00 to end – Setting Intentions

This can be performed at any time you wish & you will automatically be connected to the energies embedded within the channelling.

The energies & the groups-energy are powerful.
I hope you enjoy.

May is The Month for Lord Buddha & The Wesak Festival
& for Mother Mary & Mother's Day

Peace & Blessings

Esta Lior

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