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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

A few months back I was asked to speak at the Embrace Mind and Spirit Festival. When I asked what they would like me to talk about, I was given free reign to discuss anything I felt passionate about...( I was left thinking, "thanks, thats really narrowed it down!"  I let it ride, afterall, it was months away.

Whenever I set time aside to think about what I may talk about, nothing specific would jump out so I let it go. I let it go, and with time accelerating and all, before I knrew it, I was at the Festival with 5 minutes to go on and speak. My gorgeous mother and unabashed biggest fan whispers in my ear, "Are you ready? Do you know what you're going to say?" I looked at her, neutral of all emotion and answered, "No but here goes!"

Of course, I went straight to the heart of the matter...The heart is my favourite place to hang out.

It was during this time that news of a young woman in Melbourne was brutally raped and murdered. Her alleged perpetrator was charged and in custody. I remember the day clearly when this news was rife online, My newsfeed on facebook was one post after another of people expressing their anger and hostility toward this individual who had chosen to express his energy in such a heinous way. Everyone from Acountants to Holistic Practitioners were openly suggesting what his punishment should be and they wern't holding back, some forms of torture would have made Hitler turn in his grave! I read post after post and felt my solar plexus constricting as the vibration of their words hit hard, it wasugly on crack... then clarity  hit me square in the face! Everything that we witness in our world is a reflection of the collective consciousnesss and when Gandhi said, Be the change this is what he was referring to...until each of us take responsibility for what we are emitting into the energetic cocktail we are mixing, nothing will change...the penny dropped for all in my audience when I went out on a limb and stated, "The hostility and anger expressed by people in reaction to this crime is no different vibrationally,  than the crime! On a frequency spectrum the only difference between those expressing hatred and anger verbally and the perpetrator of the crime, the one that actually acts on it, is the volume...these feelings, creations all sit in the same field. There was an audible gasp...Einstein said it ,

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

When you understand what it means to feel WE ARE ONE, you dare not judge any piece of that ONE for if you do, you are only judging yourself...Compassion is a wonderful thing to apply in situations like this, the vibration of compassion has an effect on the whole, it's a different consciousness than the one that creates discord, whatever that may be.

But here's where it gets cannot exercise unconditonal love and compassion if the light quotient within you is outweighed by the fear and shadows...integration of our own darkness is imperative if your aim is to embody more light, more of the higher feel good frequencies can't fake that...Next time something horrendous comes onto your radar and you feel a hostile reaction inside of you, take your focus for a moment off the triggering situation and go within yourself...I have had people confront me on this and get really personal..."you're a mother, what if someone did something to your kids? Would you be saying the same thing? My eyes don't lie when I answer them... " Yes! I would, and I would, because I understand that life is eternal,that it is a cycle upon a cycle and when you understand that, you understand that this is a playground for data collection...when we collect all the data we need from this, our playgroud changes!

Until you can look into the eyes of those you perceive as evil and feel compassion you have work to said this was going to be easy but hey, if you're here, you signed up for it...Go for it, dare to expose your own darkness and let it be transformed through won't look back...

Sprinkling Sunday Stardust on you

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