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Embody the Light

On this Holy Day
We remember the power of Faith
And the test of Love and Forgiveness
With the release of Our Attachments
As we Embody the Light

To allow our Souls to Bring the Light
Into our Bodies and transform us
We must be able to Release our Ego,
Our worries and Fears

And let the journey guide us to Become
What we Believe
Bringing the Light of the Highest
Down through us
And Letting the Love of Love
Out from us
We are a Living Cross

And as we trust in God
and Forgive those who do not yet see
the Light of the Creator
We call upon that inner Faith
And the compassionate Heart
To Embody the Light
And Allow God to Be with us Always

Even when we are asked to release ourselves
So that we may be free to be Born Anew into the Light
With the Eternal Love from the Heart of God

Remember even in the Darkest Night of the Soul
God is with you Always

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