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Emotional Memories are Held at Cellular Level

So many people exist in their lives because they are always trying to measure themselves by others, more often then not it is the pressure from generational and social conditioning, from the main stream religions that expect followers to have ‘faith’ based through fear. This leads to generation after generation growing up racked with guilt and self doubt and most assuredly keeps them at the furthest point from their true abundance and the magnificence they are here to be.

We have entered a new paradigm, a time of awakening and awareness, it is the responsibility of every person alive today, young or old to say ‘enough!’ ‘The buck stops here!’ We are the ones who must clear out all self doubt, low self worth and the incredible lack of love for oneself that is so evident in our societies today. We ARE the ones we have been waiting for!

It is done to us, each and everyone to release the negative emotional memories that get carried through your cells through generation after generation. It is now that you have to take the stand so that the next generation hold no negative emotional memories at cellular level, they grow up clear, centred, confident and always finding the love for themselves first before others.

That might be a curve ball to you, ‘we hold emotional memories in our cells?!’ YES, we do and it is when individuals do not spend the time on their divine evolution that these memories are never addressed, no amount of ‘thinking’ positive will have any effect because energy does not hear words – energy feels frequency.
This is such an important area, from my Path of the Peaceful Warrior Mentoring programme, I created a unique and powerful meditation programme, that talks to every cell, molecule and atom of the body and incorporates my Energetic Emotional Release Technique (EERT). I now run workshops for film and TV studio’s actors and crew, to specifically deal with releasing the emotional memories and build self worth and confidence.

So let me explain the energetic facts of what low self worth does and the means to stop it:

All abundance lies in high frequency and our frequency is directly correlated to our emotional scale*
High frequency = Creativity, expectation, excitement, confidence and happiness.
Low frequency = Stress, anxiety, fear, jealousy, anger and lack of confidence.
So when you hold the belief you are not good enough, you lower your body frequency, which has a direct effect on your health.
A healthy body resonates at 76Hz to 83Hz, colds, flu and illness begin at 57Hz to 60Hz and cancer is at 42Hz, so the lower the body frequency the more the immune system becomes compromised and illness sets in.

Compound this with the fact what you resonate out, energy will attract back in experiences and opportunities. Low frequency attracts low frequency experiences, it attracts others who hold low self worth, it attracts those people who have to control others to justify their existence. Day to day events will be – getting stuck in the daily traffic jam, the car breaking down, the unexpected huge bill, the constant bickering with loved ones. All in all, low frequency is not a cool place to be!

The process of moving out of low frequency is what my mentoring is all about, the step by step guide of energetic communication. So here are a few tips you can begin to apply now:
It is the power of 3 – Believe it is possible – Trust in the process – Allow
To move into higher frequency can take little steps, finding points of appreciation in your day to day experiences will help to raise your frequency.
Believe in YOU. You are an energy being first and foremost, connected to everything and everyone AND your potential is limitless.
Learn to find the love for you, within you. There is nothing more important then spending time on your evolvement, of honouring the unique, amazing, magnificent being you are!

I live and breath my work and my passion is my vision to help as many across the globe take back control of their lives, their honour and self worth and truly become the powerful conscious creator they are here to be!

* Referred to in the Path of the Peaceful Warrior Mentoring Programme.

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