Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

End the War on Drugs

Were President Obama
to remove the orange pyjamas
of all those wheelers, dealers, tokers and farmers
of marijuana

We would instantly have lost
A giant multi-faceted cost
From overcrowded prisons to kids and families traumatized
Hope somebody listens but if they do I'll be surprised...

In almost every ancient culture
amongst leaders, priests and kings
the ritual use of 'drugs' was part of awakening.
The rituals were constructed to contain the medicine force
as a man builds a corral to hold a mighty horse

Denied a healthy place these forces have gone wild
Marginal, illegal. Sacred substances defiled
Bloodshed wars and ruin. Fortunes lost and made
and everywhere bodies, minds and souls enslaved

All medicines are poisons depending on the dose
but not all poisons are medicines, so this I would propose:
that we invest in serious research on the healing use of 'drugs'
Give the users due respect: perhaps they use them 'cause they must.

'Drugs' are a huge part of our world economy
like war and prostitution - a shadow institution
Accept it or reject it, it ain't about to disappear
yet we glorify our military and revile the rest in fear.

If the drug world were made legal
it would shine the light of day
on an underworld of darkness, corruption and decay.
Imagine if the world were to pay Afghanistan
to grow the finest and best medicines it can...

Suddenly we'll be richer; our kids won't need to die
On battle fields, in gang wars or from needles or in jail.
Education is the key - how we do it, where and when.
get a license, pass a test, hire a teacher and then

A drug becomes a sacrament - define it give it shape
Like the difference between marriage, flirting and rape
Between borrowing, investing and stealing we would hope
although that has become something of a Wall Street dirty joke.

The culture itself has chosen to define
A part of life's great learning as a crime.
We once banned alcohol.
Only white men could vote
we changed, times changed...
you're still reading this I hope....?

So why did I write these outrageous thoughts in rhyme?
Why? To trick your subconscious
into listening to mine!!!

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